Taking Stock of Mass Effect 2

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews considers the pros and cons of Mass Effect 2's complete lack of an inventory screen, and why overall it represents an excellent design decison that helps to keep clutter out of its interface.

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midi3157d ago

Cannot wait to play this game. Everything I hear is so overwhelmingly positive.

Krud3157d ago

So this means I can't lug around several different upgrades, ammo, and armor at all times? o_O

Not since the Cone-O-Tragedy scene from the original "Sam & Max Hit The Road" game has the thought of losing my inventory so shocked me to the core.

Seriously though, this goes against everything* I'd come to expect from a BioWare RPG, ever since I started hoarding random lightsabers and related gems in Knights Of The Old Republic. I'm sure the new system works fine and all, but it'll definitely take some getting used to.

(* - Okay, not EVERYthing. But a significant chunk.)

Haly3157d ago

It's a brave move but I do feel uncomfortable without an inventory system. Makes ME2 feel more like an action game than RPG.

BetaChris3157d ago

My only complaint over the lack of an inventory system is that is essentially dumbs the game down somewhat, but certainly not enough to detract from the game as a whole.

shoinan3157d ago

may not be a bad thing, though.

Ixon3157d ago

I think it's important to mention that it wasn't just the inventory screen that was nixed. A great deal of different abilities in the Squad level screen have been melded or entirely deleted.

I feel like the article fails to point out the flaws of this new direction while still praising the high points. Hrm.

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