Sony: iPad consumers will graduate to the PSP

Joystiq: "We've already heard from Nintendo's Satoru Iwata on Apple's most recent handheld (spoilers: he doesn't care about it), but the Wall Street Journal recently asked Sony's John Koller how his company's reacting to the device. Rather than outright dismissing it like the Nintendo prez, though, he said he's looking to the iPad for boosted PSP sales. Seriously."

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tunaks13209d ago

i dont think so.
If someone bought an iPad they probably want to do more then game on the go.
Perhaps surf the web with stability? PSP and PSPGo cant really offer that.
But i do think the PSP is a better solution to game on the go seriously, but i wouldn't carry an iPad and PSP just to do so.

shopsmartash3208d ago

I don't see the connection at all. And they are certainly not going for the PSPGO...unless someone drops the price significantly.