Visceral has 'no plans' for Dante's Inferno sequel

Visceral Games' Jonathan Knight has revealed that the studio has "no plans" to develop a sequel to Dante's Inferno, but that the developer is currently working on expansions for the game, including a "prequel campaign".

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nogolis2943d ago

Hate the game but love the developers handling of it. This is what needs to be done more often. More DLC expansions on the 1 game and not multiple games that add little to the series other than a new move and a new box to put beside your old one.

Good on them, let's just hope they keep the promise.

DelbertGrady2943d ago

Have you played it yet? I've only played the demo and that didn't impress me but I've heard from a friend who downloaded it that the levels just past the intro are leaps and bounds better than what was in the demo. I want to find out for myself before I write it off.

It wouldn't make sense to simply do a "Dante's Inferno 2" since it's based on a 14th century poem. If anything they would find another classic tale to base the next game on. I love the idea of taking wellknown books, myths & stories and turning them into games.

fear882943d ago

But those games were from a previous generation and to match it leaves you feeling like you've played the game before despite it having a different but very similar story.

Overall I am very satisfied with the demo but I really don't intend on buying it for the 360.

I am opting out of the 360 game for the PSP version instead because it felt just like God of War Chains of Olympus and I really need another game for the PSP.

The Great Melon2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

@Soda Popinsky

I like that idea too. However, I have one issue with adapting literature to games that is shown in Dante's Inferno. I don't like the thought of taking so many liberties with the work of someone else and slapping the same name of the original piece of literature on your product. Borrowing the world in which Dante journeyed through is awesome, but recreating Dante and the original story makes me a little uneasy.

It irks me that if I were to talk to a person about Dante's Inferno, the first thing that comes to his or her head is a game rather than the Divine Comedy. Then again, this might hopefully give people the impetus to read the Dante's Inferno and learn more than its where it was set.

Baka-akaB2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

@The Great Melon

I couldnt agree more .
I expect them any day to take Milton's Lost paradise too

it would feature some barely minor girl named Eve with humongeous boobs and showing more cleavage than clothing , slapping angels and devils around .

She would be constantly naked , and her clothes would mostly be tattoos in fact , with her goinh naked during some fmv and actions .

The gameplay and even the items , would be oddly reminiscing of bayonetta .
And the story would all be about Eve’s lover Satan , being injustly emprisonned by the jealous Adam and his army of angels …

hell more seriously , i read they were even seriously considering Macbeth ...

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WildArmed2943d ago

I hope they do - do a sequel, heck just another Action game would do.
Dante's Inferno just seems like their stepping stone into action genre. I'd love to see what they do with more

LordMarius2943d ago

Translation- We have no plans for a sequel since God of War 3 hasn't come out yet so we have no ideas atm.

kaveti66162943d ago

I saw some parts of DI where the graphics really impressed me, and there's a level of creativity in this game that is all its own. Sure, many parts of it seem directly lifted from GOW, but there are scenes which prove to me that Visceral didn't set out to make a direct clone.

Shendow2943d ago

They can't really make another game because isn't it base off a book or something? that would me the writer would have to had more to the story or something (Kind like how Star Wars is)

Maybe they are waiting to see what GOW3 has to take from it, I laugh when they say the game isn't anything like GOW, they are so full of it.

I already played the demo an its ok, it feels just like playing GOW but it isn't. So its a game for 360 users to get because they won't get GOW3 on 360.

Makes everyone happy......or not....I could careless.

Myst2943d ago

Yes it's based off a book ( rather an epic poem ) titled the Divine Comedy, wherein it's actually a three part book. Since the story of Dante's Inferno ( the game ) doesn't follow the book. In light of that I would think that drawing ideas from the Divine comedy wouldn't be as hard if they did the same with Inferno.

Though I guess they are waiting for something else in the mean time, probably wanting to see how Inferno will do before anything else. If it does well by that I mean very well they could probably pull off a trilogy just like the book.

blu_yu_away2943d ago

Visceral may not have sequels plans but I bet EA does.

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