Child sex predators exploiting Xbox

With their explosive sound systems and killer graphics, they are the video games kids are dying to play.

But XBOX live, Play Station 3 and even Wii have become a sexual predator's playground.

That's because the games are interactive, kids are matched up with players all across the country, they can talk to each other, do battle in cyberspace and make friends.

The problem; often times the players are adult posing as kids, luring children through headsets and instant messages.

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Parapraxis3087d ago

FOX news as usual tries to spread poorly researched bull.

Nelson M3087d ago

Is up to no good again !!

The Simple Truth3087d ago

Thats why i only play on PSN now. No chat, no smut.

Dtoxz3087d ago

MetalGearRising, stop or Chris Hansen is going to show up at your door! I know you LOOOOVE XBL, but that way is the WRONG way to enjoy it!
Don't you have a lil' brother or something? That's pretty messed up man.
What was that you said not too long ago about kids? "They're all pink on the inside..."

MetalGearRising you are one messed up individual. you should stop cause I hear they don't have XBL in jail.