UPDATE: PSP Go Relaunch In The Works?

ORIGINAL STORY: Rumors have been budding up regarding a relaunch of Sony's PSPgo. The digital-only handheld was welcomed with very little fanfare when it launched last October, and sources are reporting that Sony wants a do-over.

UPDATE: Sony has responded in regards to the PSP Go relaunch rumor, stating that the speculation is "nothing but that."

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Maddens Raiders3029d ago

one thing SNE is not good at is lying.

mrblacknut3028d ago

Please. They should have launched the PSP2. They misread the market with the GO and it was obvious when they revealed it. Looking forward to an actual PSP 2 vs going backwards with features.

-Alpha3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

First, the GO is such a waste of money.

When somebody looks at the Playstation product they see that they can get a portable device for $250, or better yet, get a whole damn package for $50 more.

I can only imagine hardcore fans of DD, the PSP, or heavy portable gamers who are always on the Go wanting the GO.

Sony needs to really drop the price because in all honesty I'd just get another PS3 for $50 more.

The GO may be cool, but there are rumors of PSP2 coming, and when it comes to Sony rumors they always manage to be true.

They should have just released PSP2. But I hope only the best for them. Let's hope they know what they are doing.

Garrison3027d ago

I think at heart the PSP-GO is a good idea. I mean facing the honest truth we all know most people DON'T buy umd's period, not games or movies they just hack their psp's and download everything. That being said there is no incentive whatsoever for game makers to make psp games, they just don't make money.

Now regular psp owners are crying their eyes out cuz they can't use the UMD that they didn't buy in the first place? The irony.

PSP-GO's faults are mostly price related, it's too pricey to sell at the moment and most people out there doesn't know what it can do just like the ps3 when it came out. Also they need to market this as a games-console and multimedia device so it can go into the market stuff like the itouch is at.

Rowsdower3027d ago

is that like being a born again virgin?

washingmachine3027d ago

nah,the go screen is to small,id rather have the 3000 screen and layout of the buttons etc. the go looks like my hands would get crampt lol,plus the umd disc are half of wot they are on psn

RH063026d ago

playing in the middle of the night without headphones listening to the umd not only read but suck your battery is not that great! Yet I am like most stuck, in the middle wanting something new like a PSP2!

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The story is too old to be commented.