Americas Preorders Chart, 30th Jan 2010

God of War III returns to the top spot after the release of Mass Effect 2 as Bad Company 2, BioShock 2, Dante's Inferno and Final Fantasy XIII continue to do well

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chidori6663087d ago

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 6 19,712 142,767

Final Fantasy XIII X360 6 9,601 67,189

i hope crap square learn the lesson and stop make ff games for 360rrod..

bmw693087d ago

To be fair, FF has always been a Sony franchise really in the west...

bmw693087d ago

I'm amazed that God of War III is so high and Final Fantasy XIII so low!!

Bebedora3087d ago

to me for now. My GoW III disk will get well used for sure!

FrankWest3087d ago

How high can GoW3 get?

There are some PS3 games that are really far from release, and they're seeing good preorders (ModNations and GT5, for example)

sikbeta3087d ago

Amazing for GOW3, I was expecting more for FF13 and definitely MORE for HR, WKC, ModNation Racers FTW!!!

GOW3: 339,053
Final Fantasy XIII: 142,767
White Knight Chronicles: International Edition: 41,890
ModNation Racers: 18,664

Duke_Silver3086d ago

looks like the HUGE wait for final fantasy is hurting it big time