Starcraft II axes two protoss features

Blizzard informed the Protoss Argus Link and Photon Charge have been removed from the current Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty build.

If closed beta is drawining near, these two abilities might not make it and have joined the sack of pre-beta axed features.

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Medievaldragon2910d ago

That's no good. We will probably never have the chance at testing and having fun with these.

About a year ago they also axed a few Terran vehicles too. Oh well.

Baka-akaB2910d ago

well it's hardly a problem . Starcraft beta and the final product were completely different games .

Actually looking back at it , War3 seems to be what they were going toward with the older starcraft builds .

Anyway of course skills and powers are tweaked and removed without a chance to try them .
And some of those reappear revamped on the addons .

presto7172910d ago

but when I switched to terran, I realized just how much the protoss suck. No wonder barely any top top tier pro uses protoss. everything is just so expensive and the freaking emp effectively cuts everything protoss down to size. Sucks...

TheIneffableBob2910d ago

Blizzard are constantly adding and removing new features and units. Many of them we don't even know about.

Leord2910d ago

Well, as long as they keep the Carrier. Love the carrier :)

Maticus2910d ago

Seems that there's more action going on behind closed doors, the rumour mill will be working overtime again!

thehitman2910d ago

"Keep in mind that we try to make all 3 races as distinct as possible, so it is not that each race has to have something similar. "

Thats what I love about blizzard's rts games they seem so different in races but yet they can be so balanced at same time each being unique and requiring different skills to play them. Really looking forward to SC2 in fall of this year (HOPEFULLY).

moe842910d ago

Definitely not news worthy.

WTB some real info, like Beta announcements? =)

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