Win a high end gaming PC

Critical Gamer writes: Want a high end mega gaming PC but don't want the high end mega gaming bill to explain to your significant other? There may be a way to help you.

To celebrate BioShock 2 releasing on February 9, 2K is teaming up with Scan Computers and HMV Gamerbase to give away a monster of a PC, with the following, rather attractive, shiny bits bolted inside.

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SKUD3091d ago

550 Watt PSU?. Free is free though.

Darkstorn3091d ago

Only in the UK. Not for me.

Method3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

550W is adequate, it's the rails that matter and Corsair has that covered.

ATi_Elite3091d ago

I saw they phrase high end and immediately was thinking Directx 11 Crossfire or a nice SLI set up.

550watt? Really that's cutting it close with a GTX285

MeatAbstract3091d ago

Shame there isn't one for gamerbase Manchester.

3091d ago
vandaLl_L3091d ago

You can just build a great pc not high end mind you, but a great pc for about 800.