Leaked Dante's Inferno DLC Trailer Shows Co-Op and Content Creation

The video below, which is technically unofficial, should give you a better insight into St. Lucia, and show how you'll be spending a few dollars when the DLC releases this April. We'll keep you posted.

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ThisPlaceSucksBye3086d ago

Great, more DLC.
Basically an Arena mode, that by the way, already comes with God of War 3.

Chaos Striker3086d ago

But you can't create your own arenas in GoW3 now can you? And you can't have 2 player co-op in those arena modes can you? :P

Maddens Raiders3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I love dlc, have cash, and am ready to spend it when devs put in the hard work to give back to the community a la Naughty Dog, Incognito, GG, R*, and of course EA.

This game hasn't really been on my radar til now. It's shaping up nicely and even though it will be overshadowed (rightfully so) by a God, it has definitely ticked up a notch or two on the "me wants" meter. Never thought I would say this but am glad to be able to: I like the new and improved EA. They are doing things now which reminds me why they were my favorite developer during my Sega Genesis days.

IaMs123086d ago


I think you picked a good name there... You play games right? There for you buy them... therefore your spending money... oh snap!

Enjoy spending your money

Christopher3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I have to say this is good news. It's about time a hack & slash game like this get a player-created arena ability. Especially if it can be expanded with more DLC down the road to make bigger, better, and fun arenas that really extend the ability of the game.

Combine that with co-op, and this is just a great move to make in the hack & slash genre and I hope it doesn't go unnoticed by other companies making similar games.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3086d ago

That's an "L".
Can you read or are you trying to make a joke?
I know what I said, and I know what I meant.
This DLC trend has been worrying me for a while, and the sad thing is, their marketing has gotten so good, that most gamers are not only willing to pay for this content that should have been in the game, but are actually happy to do it.
Ugh, this generation.

Maddens Raiders3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

lol dude I've been gaming since Asteroids was 1st available on a console. Look - you can complain, b|tch and moan all you want, but gaming is my hobby and if I've got the money to spend - I'm spending it. Why not?

Last time I checked the United States of America is a free country and that's where I reside. Sounds like you're a little aggy because I don't think like you. 8D

ThisPlaceSucksBye3086d ago

Ok, you made my laugh (not saying this in a sarcastic way).
Yeah, ok, good point...I shouldn't generalize. And I have also been playing for a while...since Atari 2600, I guess.
But I don't know, this DLC trend just annoys the piss out of me. I'm not saying it can't be done right (look at GTA4), but these measly 1-hour long episodes? Co-op/versus modes? Extra skins? This is the kind of crap that I do not tolerate, and that (for the most part), this newer generation just eats up.

Maddens Raiders3086d ago

I should have qualified my statement a little better by stating that if the ((value)) of the dlc is worth the cash then I'm going to spend it. I don't want to sound as if I'm some sort of willie-nillie dlc collector spending money on whatever devs shoot down the pipe. If it's meaty and "worth the cost of admission", then I'm in.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3086d ago

Though you do have to admit there's lots of peeps like that out there.
Ah well...

SilentNegotiator3086d ago

An arena mode? That's cool, but I think they should have included it in the game.

FamilyGuy3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

interest: raised

I love any kind of user created content sharing. Hopefully by April 29th the game will be on sale for my personal by in price of $40. With this DLC possibly ranging in the $10 area I won't mind waiting for it so I can purchase the full game rather than what's being released now.

deafwing3086d ago

... I mean its not like ps3 owners are not get GOW 3 .. so if they are getting this as well .. this is just extra stuff. sounds cool .. is it free?

IaMs123085d ago

I get what you are saying now, but how you came off about GoWIII triggered PS3 fanboy, and well i just dont like fanboys :).

I do agree on the fact that DLC is being overused now. It was a great thing at first. Like i said before and i should say it again, DLC should NOT be detailed before the release of the game. If they have the time to sit around and make this DLC, let alone think it up, they should add it into the game.

I understand a dev coming out and saying we are going to be supporting DLC later on with this game to come, ok! Sweet but DLC should be an add-on not buying another part of the game that you should have already. Unless its free.

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silvacrest3086d ago

this does look interesting and its something i haven't seen in a hack and slash before

d_dogg20073086d ago

This DLC Looks great because I'm getting it for free, its just that good being a ps3 owner and getting value for my buck!

BeaArthur3086d ago

I believe this is coming out in April and has not been priced yet.

d_dogg20073086d ago

Isn't this the one that comes in the Divine Edition?

Mwaan3086d ago

The free DLC for the PS3 version is the Dark Forest level that precedes the game. Coop and a customizable arena? Wow, this game just shot up to the top of my list.

d_dogg20073086d ago

Still at least we get something for free, so why did they show this one before the pre DLC?

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PlayStation3603086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

This DLC pack is called Trials of St. Lucia. The DLC that comes free with the PS3 version is The Dark Forest.

deafwing3086d ago

.. I'm a little confused myself ... must be a new one that you pay for.

jalen2473086d ago

I think this is a great move by Visceral Games.

I enjoyed Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's co-op mode.

I look forward to playing Dante Inferno's co-op mode.

deafwing3086d ago

... I need help :'( .. ultimate ninja challenges are insanity incarnate

jalen2473086d ago

I haven't gotten the platinum. I have too many games to play so I find it difficult to be motivated to strive for a platinum in every game.

For example, I own Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and played through some of it but I still haven't finished playing through Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Both games are on my To Do list but I have some other games that I am currently trying to complete.

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