PSU: MAG Review

PSU writes: "One of the most overplayed and overproduced videogame genres is the first-person shooter market. We say overplayed as a substantial chunk of hardcore gamers flock to FPSs in droves, often ignoring the chance of dipping their toes in to other genres. The basic formula for the FPS has been in place for quite a while. Over the years we've seen a nice thick coat of polish through improved glittery graphics, enhanced gameplay controls, and of course, online multiplayer. Whether you are indulging in a spot of Killzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2, you're still going hands-on with titles that share fundamentally near identical gameplay mechanics."

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Socomer 19793117d ago

Seriously, its 2010.
Is it really neccessary to hold the players hand in a game?
Isnt that what people hated about resistance 2's campaign but love in MW2?

Cmon, weve all been playing games for a long time.