Dante's Inferno gets Coop

Some special soul has managed to get their hands on Dante's Inferno early, and whilst doing so stumbled across a trailer detailing a coop downloadable add-on for the game. This DLC, titled "Trials of St. Lucia", will hit on April 29th and features 2 player online cooperative fending off against waves of enemies.

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OmegaWolf3092d ago

This is awesome! It will give me reason to keep the game after I beat it.

WildArmed3092d ago

One of the reasons why I loved Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 so much
(and Gear's Horde mode for that matter)

bpac1234567893092d ago

I'll probably rent this game, but GOW really needs to step there game up and include co-op. or at least release a coop dlc later on.

Gen0ne3092d ago

But, I did ( begrudgingly ) enjoy Sigma 2's online mode. Hope the combat holds up.