Mass Effect 2 sex video arrives

CVG: Obvious spoiler territory for those who haven't completed Mass Effect 2 yet - here's a video one of the possible sex scenes found in BioWare's RPG.

There was some curiosity over how BioWare would treat nudey content in Mass Effect 2 following Fox News' moral outrage over the sex scenes in the original.

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Magna Farta3177d ago

All of these were on YouTube at one point...EA put a very quick stop to that

Julie3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Geeze i finished the game there are NO "sex scenes" on this game and there is nothing to censor , please stop overexagerating stuff to get hits... unless you call Miranda flash of a bra "sex" then you are a weirdo D:

The game has sexy subtle dialogs pretty soft ones, but definetly no sex and no nudity, not even a bit... don't make up stuff to get hits geeze... (copy pasted myself)

These websites know's what sex means?

Tony P3177d ago

These BioWare "sex" scenes have been disappointing since after ME for me personally.

It only bothers me because they say they're pushing the envelope while the scenes have only gotten shorter and more subdued. If they aren't really interested in that, I don't mind. But don't brag about what you're not gonna do.

On the positive side, it's well produced and A+ for innuendo. And hey, I appreciate a WRPG girl that is actually attractive without resorting to mods. Take notes, Bethesda.

MrJack3177d ago

Didn't really keep my "Mass Erect" tbh

Nihilism3177d ago

I was a female shepard and romanced thane, there was nothing sexual there, they exaggerate it as though it is forced apon you in the main story line

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Random4043177d ago

For fans of chuck like myself. Miranda is voiced and looks like Yvonne Strahovski (Sara Walker)

tudors3177d ago

Porn or somthing? it's not that type of game.

Tony P3177d ago

Why are people so black & white like there's no middle ground between a clothed person and full on x-rated porn? There's plenty. Network TV lives *entirely* within it.

The goal is not "porn" games. The goal is to *not* have to shrink from the subject in what prides itself as a legitimate mode of storytelling.

walken73177d ago

What kind of sex are you people having? That was like Mormon sex.

Magnus3177d ago

Thats not a sex scene thats a made for tv movie love scene lol

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