VGChartz MAG Review

Zipper's online 256-player FPS takes teamwork to the next level.

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themafia3118d ago

it atleast deserves an 8. not surprised.

FrankWest3118d ago

Sounds like a good game...but I have way to much to play now

raztad3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )


MAG is awesome. IMO anything bellow 8 for MAG is just criminal. Game is something else, some needed innovation for a tired genre. Still there is people that loves to TALK about innovation but scare away when they finally get some.

Dont let reviews to fool you. At least rent the game and unlock Domination. If it isnt your coup of tea. There are always other regular shooters to look forward.

sikbeta3118d ago

This Game Is HUGE, you need to Play it, 3 Powerful Teams to Choose, a Fricking Huge Battle with 256 guys at The Same Time is Definitely Awesome

PoSTedUP3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

playing the new army of two here and there when i have time. MAG will still be there when i have the money .

i miss the days where i never went on the pc to check out a game review and just bought it or rented it from what i see on the back cover. thoes were the days when maybe even the most avrage game was one of the funnest you've ever played.

nowa days feels like politic gaming...

Maddens Raiders3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

solid score, from a not so friendly site = safe purchase.

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Socomer 19793118d ago

to hear all the mixed reviewers to argue in 1 room about mag.
most people are followers. some are born leaders. the low ball reviews must be from selfish reviewers who were to busy scrutinizing and whining thier pmcs to a loss. thanks for all your help...not.

Duke_Silver3117d ago

I'm still on the fence, great review though

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