Hey, Hack This PC, Get A Sweet Gaming Rig From 2K Games

zConnection's Connor Beaton writes: "All right, if you reckon you've got what it takes to be a hacker, but aren't quite interested in the whole getting arrested side of things, hark; 2K Games and Scan Computers have set up a really sweet contest for you guys. If you make your way to the HMV Gamerbase at London's Trocadero Centre, you should see a special BioShock area with a certain PC in it.

"All you have to do is go up to this PC and enter the correct six-digit number to win one of the most awesome gaming rigs we've seen in a long time. This baby, assembled by Scan Computers, has an overclocked Intel Core i7 870, 4GB of RAM and a NVidia GTX 285. It also comes with Windows 7, although the exact edition has not been mentioned; internal blue lighting is also included, so you can look incredibly awesome while you're rocking out in high-definition."

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geth1gh2965d ago

isn't remote access via internet while hacking a lot bigger than hacking the physical computer in person? Like hacking into servers and networks and all that jazz?

Why can't we do this over the internet, that would make more sense to the theme of "hacking" and i wouldn't have to spend more money then the computer cost to get to London.

young juice2965d ago

there are alot of people who would guess the combination worldwide, so they had to reduce the number of contestants or else they would have had to give out multiple high-end computers.

The Happy Baby2965d ago

They had a Brand new Lexus at the Palmer Event Center in Austin Tx.
They said, it you can break into the car, and drive it away, it was yours---they would give you the title to the car. It was a car security company that was demonstrating a new security system.
Many people tried to figure it out, but simply could not do it.
Finally one guy came with a toolbox, uninstalled some stuff from under the steering wheel, then he popped the hood and removed a coupe of relays. The car started, and he drove it around the block.
They were embarrassed and EVERYONE cheered. I was jealous as hell.

I love these contests.

geth1gh2965d ago

make sense. there is any easy solution to this thoug. just make it like a 30 or 40 digit number or even higher.

PanicEnders2965d ago

"one of the most awesome gaming rigs we’ve seen in a long time"

If they think this an awesome rig they haven't been in the computer scene.

multipayer2965d ago

I'd be pretty impressed if it had a Bioshock case that made it look like the photo.

peeps2965d ago

this isn't exactly hacking lol it's just guessing a password...