More Movies From the 90s That Need Tie-In Games

Gaming Target writes: "Yesterday's announcement that Paramount is bringing a game adaptation of Days of Thunder, which received its theatrical release twenty years ago, to the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade was a tad surprising. [...] But then I got to thinking, there must be a ton of movies from the glorious, halcyon days of the 1990s that didn't get a tie-in video game and deserve one now. So travel with me back to the grunge generation when The Simpsons ruled TV, a Bush was in the White House and The Terminator came back to theaters after a long absence (man, the 90s had a lot in common with the 2000s)..."

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nogolis3209d ago

Days of Thunder was on the nes... It sucked then too. Like the movie.

Friday the 13th and Rambo are both in the works for PS3 and I know that for 100% certain. Well, on good source.

On a side note, Groundhog day is one of my favorite movies but the game would almost be like Konami's masterpiece Shadow of Destiny. Which is a beautiful and brilliant game to this day. Heavy Rain can't even compare to that one. Such an inspired, over looked, gem.