Dante's Inferno review scores trickle out

CVG: According to ads for the game appearing online, lads' mag Loaded has called the title "incredibly impressive".

Play Gamer scores the title 9/10, praising its 'mouth-watering set pieces'.

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Dipso3241d ago

Ahh Loaded magazine, quality game aficionados extraordinaire.

OhMyGandhi3241d ago

loved the demo.
the ending montage that showed the various level designs blew me away.
so. damned. creative.

FragGen3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

The Dante haters should realize that the same studio that did Dead Frickin' Space is doing this title not some sucky/n00b studio, so they had better recognize. :)

This game is going to be a bad-ass high-quality product not a cheap knock-off. There's plenty of "dead space" on my game shelf for both Dante's Inferno and GOW3.

THE MAX SPEED 213241d ago

Nice. I played the demo on PS3 and kinda loved it. I wasnt blow Away though. Bayonetta is 1st on my to get list for Hack N slash games though.

BeaArthur3241d ago

As someone who played Bayonetta I would advise against that. If you are a huge Devil May Cry fan then by all means pick it up but if you are just a general hack and slash fan I would stay away.

The Meerkat3241d ago

I agree with BeaArthur.

Don't get Bayonetta. The action is great, but the story, dialogue and direction are TV smashing bad.

NeoBasch3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

As yet another who's played Bayonetta, trust me, you won't be disappointed. The game is one of the best action games I've ever played. I love the satire, and overly sexualized nature of it all. Bayonetta is quite the game let me tell you. However, I would not disregard Dante's Inferno. 360 Magazine UK, Play Gamer, and The Guardian all had a large amount of praise for the game. The whole article focuses on the positive aspect of the reviews, and implies that those who have dismissed DI previously will be in for quite a shock. Nice to hear. They're obviously eager to publish their own review. Perhaps tomorrow we'll start seeing more come in.

Guido3241d ago

A lack of naked boobies. You never get to see Sarah Palin's... Scratch that, Bayonetta's boobs but in Dante's you see plenty of nip. That's what games like this are all about, right?

Hakimy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

@BeaArthur: a general slash and hack fan will play all kind of slash and hack games like GOW,DMC,NG,Bayonetta,Dante's Inferno,Onimusha,etc... Unless general gamer definition to you is the person who plays only 2 games you like from all slash and hack games :P

EDIT: you just implied that Bayonetta is for hardcore fans,and some will find this as a praise to it ;) and yes it requires serious skill and that's why it's a great game ;)

BeaArthur3241d ago

Hakimy...I meant exactly what I said. I am a hack and slash fan. I have played plenty of hack and slash games over the years. I meant general hack and slash as someone who enjoys them but doesn't play every hack and slash game. The point I was trying to make is that if you are a more casual (discriminative) hack and slash fan then you might want to stay away from Bayonetta. Coming from a more casual than hardcore hack and slash fan, I did not really think the game was all that great.

Gen0ne3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

... for the PS3. But, if you have a 360, and you're a fan of utterly decimating your foes, Bayonetta delivers in spades. The only thing to be taken seriously in this game is the combat. Everything else is just filler. The music during the fight scenes does kinda suck, but custom soundtracks saves the day here. If that's a feature you've never used, now is the time to implement it. Oh yeah, I really don't know where the Sarah Palin comments keep coming from. That heifer wishes she looked like Bayonetta. Don't hate on Bayonetta. Take the time to master the combat and you'll be a believer too. Watch.

@BeaArthur: I would think a discriminating hack and slash fan would gravitate towards Bayonetta, for to actually enjoy it, requires ( serious ) skill. Seems you're more of an Onechanbara hack and slasher.

maniacmayhem3241d ago

Bayonetta was by far the best hack and slash game I've played this far. If you love over the top action and super cheese (DMC3 style) then you'll eat this up big time.

The character and enemy design were amazing too. I loved the way they portrayed the Angelic forces. They were angel like but in monstrous ways.

Amazing game.

darthv723241d ago

bayonetta is to devil may cry what dante inferno is to god of war.

This game looks to be really well received in spite of the clone of GoW it is being labeled as. The greek mythology backdrop of GoW series was well portrayed even if it wasn't accurate.

The crusade backdrop for dante is equally impressive and with two more books in the divine comedy, I can see this series becoming a nice alternative to GoW.

deafwing3240d ago

... I like the cheesyness that is SlowaNetta (I have the ps3 version). Even though the update did fix most of the problems (still has screen tearing) ... the sillyness kind of grows on you .. I guess you have to have a devil may cry attitude towards a game like that ..

and most people say it's too hard (they are right, this game is hard) anyways.

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Hakimy3241d ago

I'm expecting this game to get reviews between 7-8 with some giving it 9.I would be surprised if it gets a 10.To me,It looked like GOW2.I don't mean GOW2 is bad cus it's great,but I mean that this isn't PS2 era if you know what I mean ;)

BeaArthur3241d ago

Graphically it is superior to GoW2. If you can't see that you need your eyes checked. It doesn't look as good as the GoW3 E3 demo but it definitely looks better than GoW2. May not play better, but definitely a graphical upgrade.

kingdavid3240d ago

I expect a metacritic of low to mid 80s which is pretty much par for action games these days.

solidt123241d ago

It comes out the same day as Bioshock 2. I can't decide which one to get first. Im still trying to beat Mass Effect 2 for now.

Christopher3241d ago

Keep your mind on Mass Effect 2 and wait a week or two to find out what people say about them. I'm on my second play through of ME2, likely will do a third. It's definitely a game worthy of some long-term attention.

solidt123241d ago

Mind made up, I just saw a video of Bioshock 2 Multiplayer and it looks fun. Getting Bioshock 2 and Dante later.

solidt123241d ago

Agree. Mass Effect 2 is incredible.

Cheeseknight283241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Between Bayonetta, God of War III, and NMH2, I'll pass on this. If the scores are good, I'll get it when it's $40.

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