Pachter: Old Gamers Are "Doomed"

NG writes:

"Pachter stated that multiplayer videogames are full of "smack talk[ing]… 13 year-old boys" and conceded that for older gamers: "we're doomed".

The involvement of young people in videogames has been a constant feature of the industry with Pachter likening it to extreme sports in having "young… and idealistic" people as the type who play games, suggesting that there's no room for the old and cynical. Pachter himself admitted that his "reflexes are too slow to be competitive" in some multiplayer games."

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tunaks13086d ago

we are all doomed until this guy shuts up

wardrox3086d ago

I quite like what he has to say most of the time. Esp with interviews like the one this article's based on, he seems like a great guy.

nycredude3086d ago

Speak for yourself Pachter. I am 35 and I have 700 trophies and I own little kiddies!

heroicjanitor3086d ago

You don't own them, you just abducted them

-Alpha3086d ago

Just wondering. What does he do for a living? I'm pretty sure he just doesn't get paid saying stuff like this. He can't.

Gaming may be full of kids but that doesn't mean older gamers are doomed. Come on Patcher it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

Take LBP for example. Little kids hate it because it makes them feel little. Kids want to be older gamers. They want to play the blood and gore, they want the Gears, they want the Call of Duty.

Older gamers aren't doomed. Older gamers is what kids want to be.

Maddens Raiders3086d ago

I totally agree. Pachter talking as if he's the mouthpiece for "all" older gamers makes about as much sense as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson speaking for "all" black people lol. I wish both sets of these people & the crap they push would just go away.

Christopher3086d ago

Why? Because the games I love are still being developed because us old gamers never stopped buying them. Most games out there appeal to us older gamers because we've set the standards for the genre with our wallets in the past.

Now, perhaps multiplayer games are rampant with idiots, but that doesn't mean the games are ruined for us, just that we get to use our mute buttons more often. And, sad as it is, a lot of those "13 year-olds" are actually later 20s and above men who just never learned to grow up.

bacon133086d ago

This article basically boils down to Pachter saying he is an old fart with cramped hands. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of the game and is a seasoned pro will have no problem keeping up with the 13 year old whiners and cry babies plaguing XBL and PSN.

boodybandit3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Really and enough already with this pompous D-bag.

I myself have been gaming for over 30+ years and I do quite well online. Please do the gaming industry a favor and stick to numbers Pachter. Leave gaming to the gamers, which you are not.

BTW Pach
Mics and most online games have mute features.
If you (or I) don't want to hear someone running their mouth it takes 2 seconds to make them disappear.

PoSTedUP3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

there will always be older gamers.... the young eventually get old... i think that's how it goes...? no?

my dads a 50+ gamer, he playes MGS4, RE5 and now army of two the 40th day. we bought two copys so we could play online co-op. hes not into the cod or socom though... socom is my field.

SuperStrokey11233086d ago

hes right, its simply a fact of getting older.

Hes not meaning 35 year old guys, but rather the much older ones like him. Hes in his mid 40s or maybe early 40s when age starts to have its impact.

Games are trending more and mroe towards the young and their inability to continue connected to a game for more than 6 or so hours, just look at mw2...

reaferfore203086d ago

Pachter is an R-TARD... anyone with a little bit of common sense should realize that older gamers are the one's with jobs and the ones that can afford to buy the games that the younger ones have to beg their parents for. Just because he's a n00b at multiplayer games doesn't mean everyone else his age shares that inadequecy.

I'm 23 years old and I know for a fact there are plenty of 30-40+ year old people that could kick my @ss in certain games. It all really comes down to how often you play and how long you've been playing. Some older gamers haven't been playing games very long, and others have been playing since the 70's.

Christopher3086d ago

I'd say look at Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, Grant Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption, Demons' Souls, Mafia 2, and tons of games that tend to require a lot of time, effort, and devotion to the storyline that are either highly praised or set to be highly praised as they are released in the future.

It's easy to stereotype youngsters as being ADD kids who can't spend more than a few hours on a single game, but it's just not true as a standard and the games above prove it. Don't let the idiotic actions and inability to stay committed to a game of some kids give you the thought that they represent their generation as a whole. I know more than a handful of kids who have invested more hours into a single game than I have in most games today.

A Cupcake for Gabe3086d ago

I don't have these issues, because I play online on PS3 only. Where the ratio is 20 adults to one kid, unlike the 360 where it's 50:1 child under 16.

TheDudeAbides3086d ago

as he said in one Bonus Round episode, he doesn't play games, that's why he sucks at games.

Highlife3086d ago

I wish you had to put in you age when you sign up for psn. use your ss# or something. I would love for there to be rooms for 21 and over only. Maybe there would be less lone wolves, less crap talk just an overall more mature experience. Let the little kids run a muck with themselves

poindat3086d ago

Pachter actually PLAYS games? Seriously, considering how 90% of N4G could come up with better analyses and predictions than him, I am surprised that he has ever even touched a gaming system.


SuperStrokey11233086d ago


I could make a list of games that are incredibly short as well, im not going to. Sure there are ltos of games that are super long, but the general trend, proven in sales and in game development, is that the games are getting shorter and designed more for pick up and play type gaming.

There is a reason that the wii/ds/MW2 appeal to so many people. They can play for 20-30 minutes, or less even, and then go do something else. If you look at a case of the hardcore gamer, sure lots still love the long games, you and me included, but the mass population simply dont care. Another supporting fact could be GTA4 DLC, it sold very poorly (well not very but you know what i mean). This could be attributed to the fact that most people never even finished the game so why would they want the DLC?

Like it or not hes right on multiple levels. Games that the older crowd grew up on are slowly fadding away, and the older gamers themselves are also fading away as things like reaction time start to drop. It doesnt mean they will totally disappear as obviously the next batch will go through the same thing but your ability to compete drops with age, this is true of nearly everything lol.

dgroundwater3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I completely disagree. He is telling it like it is on so many topics. In this article, or on any given Bonus Round on GT he has totally savvy and realistic opinions.

He loves games like Heavy Rain and has disdain for the mouth breathers on COD. Isn't that the ideal whine from gamers?

Lacarious3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

looks like M$ is so damn desperate that they are trying to cater to kids because kids are clueless when it comes to games and what games are good or not.

kids are easy to frustrate and get in their head when gaming. they can talk all the smack they want but they are the first to quit 100% of the time.

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creeping judas3086d ago

That's why you find a community of like minded people

Xbox Canadian Live
League Of Amateur Gamers
Geezer Gamers
Canadian Online Gamers Network (launching soon)

there's ton of them out there, that are full of older adult gamers. and once you make some friends you never really play with the public and the annoying people on there.

It's not that hard??

tdrules3086d ago

just because XBL has a bad reputation doesnt mean online gaming as a whole does.
Any steam game online I'm on there is never a bad word said about each other.
its all about choosing the right servers, an aspect restricted to most

lordgodalming3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

For dudes like me who only play single-player games, Pachter might be right. Not because of reflexes, but because SP games are becoming less and less the focus of the industry. The only game I play online is Demon's Souls. :)

DlocDaBudSmoka3086d ago

im 28, have 4 kids and still manage to have over 2100 trophies. so idk where he got his info from, must be them 13yr olds.

for the non-believers my psn is the same as here. stop by and say high sometime. lol.

BX813086d ago

You're missing the point. He's not talking about some crappy trophies. He's talking about the times so to speak are changing. Think about it like this Shaq is a good center but he is not as agile or quick as Dwight Howard. He's saying that the younger these kids are the quicker there reflexes are and they are simply coming out with new slang that older adults are not in tune with. I know my boys 7yr old son and he puts cats to shame on MW2. Redic. reflexes. It's funny because he'll play one on one with his dad and completely wreck him and then looks at his dad and says dad you have to focus, you're not focusing. It's pretty funny to watch. It's not about the trophies it's about the reflexes and as you get older they tend to slow and if they don't it doesn't matter because a 15yr old kid will always have quicker reflexes.

TheoreticalParticle3086d ago

If that is literally all he's alluding to, then:

1) Duh. It's common bloody sense that older people have slower reflexes.
2) Who pays people to make such blatantly obvious observations, and are they hiring?

But, I have a feeling he's trying to say that the industry's going to go towards catering to the foul-mouthed ADD generation, and the games that include the older gamers are going to die off.

Either that, or he's just stupid, and doesn't realize that only a fraction of the big games in the year have a major multiplayer component.

SuperStrokey11233086d ago

@ particle,

He means both of those things. Its not hard to understand what hes saying unless you are a moron (not saying you are but people in general).

ButterToast3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

you know this is from an interview right? It's not like he is going out of his way and making public statments like this. someone asked him a question and he answers it.

If you want to b*tch about what he's saying at least read the whole interview before hand so you actually know what he's saying.

Here is part of the interview:
----------------------------- ------
Phil: Games with extensive multiplayer elements are a challenge for me. I don’t have the time to commit to becoming good at them and I can’t be bothered with all of the nonsense that seems to go along with those communities anymore. What are your thoughts on the aged and competitive multiplayer games? Are we doomed to be fodder for 12 year-olds with virtual sniper rifles?

Michael: I am not a multiplayer guy at all, primarily because my reflexes are too slow to be competitive, and the smack talk of 13 year-old boys is annoying. Yes, we’re doomed.
----------------------------- ------

I love how the internet likes to take quotes out of context and mishmash them together into an article and then b*tch about it. It's pretty obvious that it wasn't an overly serious comment and that Negative Gamer set up some of the questions in the interview so they could write this piece of sh*t and get hits. god knows the internet isn't smart enough to read past the headline and of the few that do even less are going to read the interview.

Gaming journalism at it's best. /rant

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