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ZeroTolerance writes: It has been a long time coming, but Sony and Zipper Interactive's latest collaboration is finally here. The biggest draw to MAG was in fact the acronym behind its name. Massive Action Game was being touted as the first to allow large-scale battles consisting of up to 256 players on a console. Now when first announced there were plenty of skeptics, myself included, that claimed the game would simply not work on a console. Here we are just a short time later prepared to eat our words. MAG is a fantastic addition to Sony's first-party lineup and one of the best online team-based shooters I have ever played.

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callahan093235d ago

Not sure why this game is getting such a wide variety of reviews (I've seen as low as 6, but lots of 8's, and some 9's and perfects), but I love this game. Good review.

young juice3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

im just gonna get it.

-Alpha3235d ago

It's already been accepted as one of those games that you either like or hate.

The execution of 256 players is successful, the only problem is whether the reviewer appreciates it or doesn't.

The thing with reviews is that they also take into account a whole bevy of things like graphics, sound, etc. Both of those categories haven't been MAG's strongest suits which likely brings down scores to 7's.

As for the actual gameplay, people seem to be liking it and there is nothing suggesting that the mechanics are broken.

BeaArthur3235d ago

A lot of games get a wide range of reviews. Most of the reviews will be pretty close but then you will always get 1 or 2 that are kind of out there whether they are way above the average or below it. Most reviewers seem to think it's around an 8 give or take. You've seen some 9's you've seen some 6's, that's just the way it goes.

Chubear3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Nothing like the first time you actually command your squad of 7other gamers as a squad leader, they listen to your orders and you win that battle. There is NO FPS around that gives you a feeling like that.

This game is one hell of an experience

If you think being a SL is cool then wait 'till you go on all out broadcast as an OiC (officer in charge) and tell all 127 of your company to do something and they all obey immediately. That's a hell of a rush.

... and let's not forget about the rush of parachuting deep into an enemy base from a C130. Medal of Honor tried this too but it was kinda bare bones and short.

Go jump on this thing an experience this awesomeness.

Dacapn3235d ago

I'm glad we're getting a game that has such a wide variety of reviews. It means we're finally getting something relatively new. Just when we think shooters have hit the ceiling, we get something that rocks our foundations. Some like it, some hate it. Good stuff.

The Happy Baby3235d ago

So automatically, they were the only honest ones?
Well, atleast the whiners got what they wanted. :) Im happy for them. Maybe now, they'll stop.

Christopher3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

The game is getting a very mixed bag of reviews because it's a niche game in the FPS genre. Most importantly is that much of the reviews are based on how they play with others in the multiplayer, which is the majority of the game. If that reviewer had a bad experience, the review suffers.

Edit: To those replying about my comment of this being a niche market game, please look up the word niche in a dictionary. Niche is not synonymous with small. A niche market is a specialized market. In this case, it's online FPS gamers who like large scale battles with large numbers of people. That is a 'specialized' market for a game, so therefore a niche market game.

sikbeta3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


The majority of Reviewers are Focusing on:


2·Lack of SP Mode

3·The need of cooperation in order to win, this is more like the Gaming Experience that can be F#cked up if your team $ucks, or if they play like lone wolves and let you alone, since the Idea of the game is play as a Team, the whole game goes nowhere, you don't gain experience and your team don't progress so it makes difficult to unlock new levels

But, this only can happen in the first days or when all the crews don't fully understand what's the deal, now the Crews are becoming better at Teamwork and
playing even better, I don't understand WHY every site starting to Reviews MAG if the game wasn't Completely Massive and they were Nøøb$, MAG can't be reviewed if you just played 1 match and that's it

The Game is Awesome and Play as a Team is not a Pain, is really enjoyable

Chubear3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

I don't understand people saying it's a niche game. IT"S AN ONLINE FPS!! where's the "niche"? lol

People are just confused with the huge gap in review ratings cause they depend on these gaming sites way too much so they putt it down to "oh it's love/hate kind of game". THAT"S BS. It's a FPS you either love FPSs or you don't that's it.

Weather you love Tactical FPSs or Rambo FPSs it doesn't matter cause the game has all of that with it's 4modes. This really shows how much people are sheep and slaves to these review sites. They can't even see these gaming sites are just using the drama surrounding MAG in manipulating the commmunity for hits on their sites. They don't give a toss about actually informing you about the game, they just want to fan the flames of the fanboy war with this game cause they see the drama is giving heavy hits to their site one way or the other.

Use your own brain and think people. What's not to like and enjoy about a FPS that has a range from 32v32 to 128v128? Wow, SHEEP.

raztad3235d ago


This is a divide but I know for certain MAG is not niche. It has mass appeal and requires something more than just a handful of gamers to play.

Domination is the most rewarding, fun and exciting multiplayer mode ever. There is no way a 9x9 or a 16x16 (KZ2) come close to what MAG domination does. It's just unbelievable, the technical achievement, all the action going on, people taking the game seriously and giving their best in order to get the job done.

If you suck at FPS I can highly recommend MAG. Stick with your squad and provide support. It's gonna be an awesome ride.

rockleex3235d ago

Crying about other people.

Maybe one day, The Whining Baby will get what it wants?
*wants PS3 fans to disappear*

TheBlackSmoke3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

It seems like most reviewers are marking it down based on how people are playing in the game which has nothing to do with the game itself. Crapping on the game because the team you are on played awful is wrong when clearly it is a human error and not the fault of the game.

Its funny that you didnt see MW2 rated lower because of camping and noobtubing because that is basically what destroys the game, yet those are human factors so they were not brought up in the glowing reviews...double standard much?.

As with any FPS what they give you is an engine to play in and the tools (weapons)to get the job done. Everything else is based on player interaction. The game is designed to be learned as you play, with experience the game will become even better.

HQLocated1113235d ago

watch this be one of the reviews that DONT get added to Metacritic

blind-reaper3235d ago

Good review I might buy it.
no "Bungie" comment... weird

callahan093235d ago

Graphics and sound in MAG are both very good, not sure how they can be so harshly criticized either or how they can lower the score of the game so drastically. The game is fun, what they've pulled off is unique and impressive and it works, and the fact that Zipper is not getting the praise they deserve for their impressive PS3 debut is sickening to me. Why don't these critics get a real job instead of tearing down the legitimate and difficult work of others. I'd like to see those guys join a development team and contribute something as good as MAG to the gaming world. They wouldn't last 10 minutes in the real meat of the industry.

FragGen3235d ago

It's funny because the same reason people take a dump all over this game (it requires team work and tactics in addition to fast reflexes) is one the main reasons people are going to say BFBC2 is "better" than MW2 when it comes out.

FamilyGuy3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

That all sounds EPIC O.O

BTW, on topic of "mixed reviews"

Only reviewers are giving this game mixed reviews, every person EVERY SINGLE PERSON I've talked to who owns the game say it's great or at the very least "good".

The Happy Baby3234d ago

nah, i know you ps3 brats arent going anywhere.
me? whine? riiiiiiight, says the ps3 fanbrat.

onanie3234d ago

That seems to be exactly what you are doing, happy baby.

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Lookbehind3235d ago

Yep it's frustrating Gaming Hub U.K gives it a 6.5 ZTGD gives it a 9.I guess it is either love it or hate it....................

Chubear3235d ago

It's only frustrating if you are dependent on gaming sites telling you what's a good or bad game for you.

VileAndVicious3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

oh wait... yeah I do. HATERISM (yes haterism... I just created that... patent pending) and biased reviewers. The game is flawed but its stil a gem.

And before anyone says it just because the game 9/10 doesnt mean I agree with it. Personaly Id rate it about an 8.5 or so. But when you look at some of the truly BS reviews it has gotten *cough* IGN UK *cough* (excuse me) its only fair

LOL some one dissagree's with me and bubble for saying something positive about a good game? I love it. If you wish to dissagree at least state why coward.

3235d ago
BeaArthur3235d ago

VileAndVicious...they are probably disagreeing because you are ranting like an ignorant lunatic. Instead of formulating a thought and presenting it in a sensible manner you are up there screaming about "haterism" and how you can't understand how someone gave it a 6. Let me explain it to you, some people don't really like the game while others like it a lot. Stop letting what other people think run your life.

gameangel3235d ago

LOL, some people care far too much...

There's people dying the world, FFS.

4cough3235d ago

Bullcrap sites pandering to PS3 fanboys. MAG is a turd and everybody knows it.

Just like Killzone effing wank game.

Karooo3235d ago

Killzone 2 is the best MP game this gen, clan matches are pure awesomeness.

says a guy who played 600hrs + of killzone 2 oh and mag is fun as well many ps3 fans love it, of course the graphics are average so is the sound but that will drag the reviews down, that doesnt mean game sucks game is fun to play.

cry moar.

Lookbehind3235d ago

You are the only turd on this page soon to be extinct,see ya" flushes toilet" lol........................... ................

TheBlackSmoke3235d ago

"of course the graphics are average so is the sound but that will drag the reviews down"

Unless its Halo in which case you get a free pass

Shortstop3235d ago

If you want an FPS that's more than just run and gun (like MW), then this is your game. I said in a previous comment that if IGN gave it a 3 then I might have reconsidered buying it... but in all honesty, that's a lie. IGN could have given it a 1 and it would not have mattered.

This game is great. The key to getting the most out of it is to play it frequently, learn the objectives well, and communicate. There's going to be some truly mature battles once everyone starts fully understanding it (and it IS overwhelming the first time you play it but trust me; that's a good thing).

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