Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Site Live

IncGamers reports that the official website for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has gone live.

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SCFreelancer3121d ago

I loved the original, but does anyone know if this new chapter will be any good?

Leord3121d ago

Of what I have heard, it seems promising...

AndyA3121d ago

I have my doubts. Since SoT, the series has been a bit of a mess. Seems Ubi can't decide what it wants PoP to be - platformer, action-adventure, hack n' slash, or open world title.

Aquanox3121d ago

A bit more than 1 year after the last one, we're February and have only seen one CGI of a game coming out on May.

Flop Confirmed if you ask me.

Beast_Master3121d ago

Agreed the only way this game will be good is: A. it is delayed and B: it goes back to the original Sands gameplay and storytelling with HD graphics.

But as it is tied to the movie it will probably short and terrible.

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Leord3121d ago

Lovely. I have such nostalgia from the original game. Wonderful it was!

Medievaldragon3121d ago

Wish I could play this game. I played the original one and it was fun.

Maticus3121d ago

I'm happy to see another SoT game, can't wait for the film either!

N4Garbage3121d ago

The last Prince of Persia to release made me feel like I was in the twilight zone or some different universe.

Warrior Within<<Epic

If this game can bring that back, 1st day buy.

I'd even like the Godsmack too.

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