Pirated PS3 games hit Beijing according to Chinese website

PSUni: According to a Chinese website, George Holtz's PS3 hack has already lead to pirated PlayStation 3 games. Much of the article is hard to decipher due to poor Google translate results, but the jist is that pirated PS3 games are now available on burnt Blu-ray discs. However, they won't be available to the market until the hardware and software cracks are available to the public.

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Julie3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Meh more faery tales, now every day we get these news from unknown sources claming "the PS3 is finally hacked!" really! "but the hack does nothing usefull" , "credible source from surfer-siligon" :/


Mr_Bun3086d ago

Actually, the article mentions that there isn't a hack yet and they won't release the pirated games until a hack is available.

Julie3086d ago

hehe so those are copies that can't be played :p i wonder why people do such crazy stuff D:

Is like to burn a CD or a DVD i guess but these can't be reproduced? i don't know a lot about technical stuff :3

Hellsvacancy3086d ago

Ive seen ripped PS3 games on torrent sites b4 and theyve ALL said "these rips r in-case the PS3 1-day gets hacked"

Its old news

TheDudeAbides3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

old old old
and doesnt make sense

this GeoHot's thing is faaaaaaaaaaaar from making pirates stupid-happy,
all ps3 games are scene-availaible but useless

vhero3086d ago

wont release them so they will spend a fortune buying blank bluray discs to burn them when there is no hack? Yeah right.

GiantEnemyCrab3086d ago

These guys probably buy Blu-ray in bulk and are probably getting them at a good price consider it is China and you can buy just about anything on the black market.

sikbeta3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Hellsvacancy is Right, the guys made ISOS before anything, just to not lose time making all the ISOS At The Same Time, if someday in the LONG....future the Beast3 get h#cked

lol what a waste of Time -_-

Now, the whole thing made by the George Holtz guy just WORK WITH FATTIES and as far as everyone know and geeks understand can only make things for THE OTHEROS feature, more like a Fully Powerful Linux OS in a PS3 rather than a Pirated Console

Gamers FTW!!!

Blaze9293086d ago

Asia sheesh - the pirating and knock-off god land.

FamilyGuy3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Why burn or press these to disc before even knowing what a future hack may entail? The disc might need some special, pre-burn before the disc can be played or there might be a HDD playing hack. You may even need special, high end disc or something (verbatim).

What a waste of time and effort.

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4cough3086d ago

Hope they manage to figure a way to play the games off a HDD, so ppl don't have to buy a overpriced a Blu-ray burner and blank discs.

Karooo3086d ago

really? really??? umm k.

Hakimy3086d ago

Actually he read the article,the writer himself was wondering about this :P

Theonik3085d ago

I noticed it from the logo. + you can see it. this further re-enforces this being fake but i know that there are ways to make PS3 back up disks and that there are emulators for PS3 although they suck so i wouldn't say this is 100% useless.

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Marty83703086d ago

ISO's have been available for ages, yet PS3's can't play them, and still can't. Nothing has changed.

orangbulu3086d ago

Beijing Jan 31: I have received a shocking news,currently ps3 pirateed games are being stocked in a game store in Shenyang, however because the modding method has yet to be available locally, it is not out on the store racks yet.

So far we know that the modding method has been done by a small group from canada. They researched the ps3 BR drive and security system after george hotz released the crack. They have successfully tested 15 games including FF13

The mod involves modding the BR drive,I have personally seen the pirated ps3 discs. There are many games and they look great. They are going to sell for 25-30 yuan. There are reports that shops are stock pilling ps3s and preparing to rise the price to 700yuan once the crack is released

GiantEnemyCrab3086d ago

I wonder if this is the Team Xecuter stuff I've heard some rumblings about... This thing is about to be cracked.. unfortunately.. I am all for homebrew but you can't keep the pirates out of it.

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