IncGamers: FIFA Online Preview

IncGamers' Andy Alderson takes a first look at EA Sports' upcoming free-to-play FIFA title.

From the preview:

"Earlier, during a presentation on the FIFA brand, EA Sports supremo Peter Moore revealed how EA Sports' aim is to attract the world's two billion football fans to its FIFA products, and FIFA Online plays a big part in that. As such, FIFA Online looks set to be the long-standing football franchise's most immediately accessible game with gamers able to control it using only the mouse."

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Leord3091d ago

2 billion players - in their wildest wet dreams :)

Fyzzu3091d ago

Whoa. That actually sounds kinda cool, and that's speaking as someone who doesn't like sports games. Love the control idea - I can actually see that working.

Maticus3091d ago

Never going to happen. Soccer fans don't necessarily like computer games.

Leord3091d ago

Donno about that... Know loads of football fans who love football games on consoles. Just because it's football in many cases.

Mind you, I don't know 2 billion of them :P

AndyA3091d ago

The fact that FIFA always tops the software charts (in Europe at least) suggests otherwise.

Rush3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

The fact that you called it soccer proves you don't know much about FIFA anyway because it sells like hotcakes in Europe.

No offence you can call football whatever you like really but you kick a ball with your foot thus football...

American football you spend most of the game holding the ball which for some strange reason = football...

FIFA footy games are HUGE in Europe and some footy fans buy a console simply to play them.

Baka-akaB3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )


Where did you get that weird idea ?
Dont you know about football manager type games ? They sells like hotcakes .

And even if often now the poor parent , PC football games still sells a lot , be it pes or fifa .

you'll also always find a big modding community , especially when console version of fifa dont allow modding .

At last most times fifa reinvented itself , it was first with the PC build

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