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MAG Dealing With Balance Issues With The S.V.E.R Faction

AnalogHype: "There is a quick way to kill the fun in any multiplayer game, making the teams unbalanced. When another team has an unfair advantage at all times, there's definitely a problem. During the MAG beta, there was talk within the community that the underground PMC faction S.V.E.R had an advantage over the other factions. The chatter continued after the release of MAG, especially after S.V.E.R won the first ever "Domination" match. My character in MAG is a S.V.E.R member, so of course I took the criticism as bitterness from the opposing losing team. As I prepared for my MAG review, I decided to create a new PSN ID so that I can play with another faction without losing my S.V.E.R character. It was then when I realized the chatter had legs to it." (MAG, PS3)

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Keith Olbermann  +   2007d ago
this guy may have a point.
They have fewer players on the servers but they are always ahead on points. I rarely win a match against SVER. I know..I may just suck but I would like to think I dont suck that bad.
-Alpha  +   2007d ago
This was one of IGN's problems
It's clear that there is a big issue at hand though. People can freely switch factions meaning the PMC tally for SVER just goes up higher.

The solution I would think would be a way to factor in the #of players and games played in relation to other PMCs.

I guess Zipper assumed there would be some balance but if one PMC is overpowered then it's going to suck big time.

Surely they will fix it. Zipper isn't IW.
Mr_Bun  +   2007d ago
I'm on S.V.E.R.
Bottom line is this:

When there is communication, we win. When there is poor or no communication, we lose. There have been a few times when we were losing because the squad leader wasn't doing a thing...no communicating, no switching fragos, etc. so we voted him out. I suggest everyone do the same. The key to this game is COMMUNICATION.
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ThanatosDMC  +   2007d ago
I disagree with this article. SVER is not unbalanced. The SVER weapons do a lot of damage but are inaccurate as f***. Yes, even with all those attachments. It'll spray and pray at full auto. Unlike Valor guns which can decimate enemies with headshots in full auto. I love Valor guns!

(you can switch guns with a corpse by looking at his body and pressing circle. If you're good with aiming properly, accuracy and little to no recoil is > than damage for headshots)

Anyway, SVER is actually losing the war due to the influx of new players who dont know anything. SVER used to have a lot of teamwork which is what makes us win but now new SVERs are running around the place doing their own thing and not sticking with the squad leader. Heck, the squad leader runs off by himself instead of going to the objective.

SVER sniper rifles suck too compared to Raven/Valor.

Anyway, for the updates to come i hope they release an Overlord/Normandy beach like map. Imagine 256 players fighting there to take the beach head. Or a map in which all attacking players are being paradropped.
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peeps  +   2007d ago
"People can freely switch factions meaning the PMC tally for SVER just goes up higher."

no you can't. you need to reach level 60 in order to start again as a new pmc, unless u mean creating a new psn?
Maddens Raiders  +   2007d ago
Valor -
nycredude  +   2007d ago
The issue is NOT SVER it is with the players on the other PMCs. I am on valor and when I play with people who are uncooperative we get raped. When I play with teams who coordinate and knows how to play we have beaten sver. They are beatable but too many noobs on Valor and Raven.

Hopefully once sver players reach level 60 they change pmc to get the trophies and it balances out a bit. I agree they have some advantages in their map designs and armor but mostly they are just way more organized. the problem I see is people who suck and instead of getting better they jump ship and go to sver.
BattleAxe  +   2007d ago
people who join SVER are a bunch of band wagon jumpers who don't care about a challenging game experience.
-Alpha  +   2007d ago
Sorry, didn't know that.

I thought you could delete a character and start fresh again though..
kneon  +   2007d ago
They are pretty accurate in my experience. The sniper with the basic scope is as good as the Raven with the upgraded scope. I was using the LMG as a medium range sniper and it's way too easy. I should be spraying all over the place but it doesn't seem like it.
CyberCam  +   2007d ago
I was in betas 3, 4, 5...
and I didn't buy the game because of;
a) the balance issues... we would always have less players in most of our matches (valor).
b) the sver acquisition map was the hardest map to attack in the entire game, out of about 75 times playing it, we won maybe 20 times, if that, the sections in front of the sver bunkers were more wide open & had better lighting to see enemies than the other 2 factions.
c) I love teamwork but having to depend on more than the eight players in my squad sucked because in most cases we would do our job but the other squads didn't and would lose the game for us.
d) not everyone had a mic or would listen to their c/o's which = FAIL

Personally I'd rather the bfbc2 game because theirs less people to depend on and having the smaller squads/teams is a lot better IMO.
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guitarded77  +   2007d ago
@ nycredude
I think you hit the nail on the head... I'm Raven and it just depends on who's on my team and how many of them are communicating. There are also a lot of slow learners out there, just beginning to understand the dynamics of the game play... and also learning this in not CoD. As people play more, we will see the teams get better. I played as SVER in the Beta and Raven now... I don't know of any advantage in the weapons from my experience, players getting killed too quick may try heavier armor. My main problem is with people on my own team just running around healing people to pad their score and not fighting or defending, or people sniping on a completely different side of the objective, not helping the overall battle... this is what the real problem is IMO.
MattCielo  +   2007d ago
The guy writing the article is completely wrong. The SVER guns are actually the worst guns out of all three, with Raven having the best. Funny thing is that Raven loses the most while SVER wins the most. WHY? The age group and personality of people playing the factions. It is obvious that people would pick Raven straight out of playing MW2 because they want the Godlike guns and to go on and be a lone wolf, while the SVER group includes very hardcore players who want to work as a team, most with mics and a lot of SVER people are those that came straight from Socom. Also, most of the Raven players are around 12-14 while SVER players are usually at the age of 20+. Both of these things together are why Raven plays like sh!t and SVER dominates. It ain't the guns and it definitely ain't the maps, it is the players. THE PLAYERS MAKE THE GAME.
jjohan35  +   2007d ago
During the beta, I played with all 3 factions. I can definitely say that the SVER maps are unbalanced, in all three game modes. I don't think their weapons or characters are unbalanced, just their maps.
nycredude  +   2007d ago

That is what I have been saying about these reviews being premature. I can't tell you how many times you go to play suppression and there are so many people who are talking out loud saying like I just started and I have no clue what is going on. I walk them through as best i can cause I went through the same shiat. This game has a tremendous learning curve but once you get it it's a rich experience! The reviewers and people who hate it never really gave it a chance they gave up cause they sucked at it. Trust me I wasn't impressed with the Beta and I hated the game for the first 5 or 6 hours.

Once the dust clears and more people get better at the game it will hopefully balance out and the community will be strong. Then you can accurately review it as people will be playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

The SVER maps are a bit hard.

For all the people who complain about losing too much. While i agree that losing sucks, but I have had great games (experiences) in Mag and end up losing. it isn't and doesn't always have to be about winning. It what happens during battle that matters. That is why there are minor wins and minor losses. You can give up two positions and fight to the end and hold the remaining one and feel like you accomplished something. I have met countless psn friends and have been invited to join clans. This is really an experience every fps fan should enjoy!

Forget the reviews get the game. Where else can you hold a position while your engineers repair a door, while your medics heal fallen soldiers, while trying to avoid poison gas, while your platoon leaders called for backup while another one calls for an airstrike, and all this while you are being pounded by enemy airstrikes, all the while vehicle turrets on both sides circle around, with paratroopers landing in the war zone, and the entire building shaking and rattling, all with no lag and running smoothly!?

NOWHERE! Jump in and join the fight.

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sikbeta  +   2007d ago
Zipper can't do anything if players don't get what's the point of the game, play as a Team, new gamers need to fit in the game first and we'll see the 3 PMCs really balanced

FamilyGuy  +   2007d ago
I wonder what the fouth faction will be like
I somewhat remember an article about a fouth group being introduced later on in this games life, free DLC I assume.
ThanatosDMC  +   2007d ago
@ kneon
SVER sniper rifles are accurate like any sniper rifles. All guns are accurate if you do the semi auto fire (tap tap) but going full auto goes all over the place for a SVER gun. (I'm not sure if im replying correctly)

Does anyone know if the 4 tier sniper rifle of SVER is worth unlocking? So far i have great success at killing enemies using the default sniper rifles via headshot. Body shots require 3-5 hits though.

The fourth faction will be super special ops i bet. The best of the best? They'll probably invite the Veterans like that FPS MMO game... i forgot the name. It starts with a "P".
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blackboyunltd  +   2007d ago
I was wondering why I was so beast in MAG
ElementX  +   2007d ago
So he created another PSN ID? There he goes bloating the official PSN user numbers. I wonder how many PS3 owners actually use PSN?

On topic: I heard there may be some balancing problems in MAG. I like to root for the underdog and if I get this game, I'll pick one of the other factions.
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ogwilson  +   2007d ago
LOL! With people like HHG admitting he has at least 7 PSN names, yea I don't think anyone should be taking PSN #s seriously.
f789790  +   2007d ago
I have 3 accounts
US, UK, and Japan accounts to download anything special.
xabmol  +   2007d ago
Most people I know have 3 accounts (US, UK, JP) just to grab the occasional freebie or demo.

I also have a XBL account. Don't own a box, but I played some H3 on a friends a while back. I wonder how many people have a secon Live account? Is there a difference in content between the major territories on XBL?

Don't really see why it's a big deal. Well... I can see why it would be for some people.
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Man In Black  +   2007d ago
You a$$holes are really desperate, aren't you?
40cal  +   2007d ago
Yep, I have those 3 and a Hong Kong account.

I think that a lot of us on these sites have mulit-accounts, but out of the 7 people I know closely with PS3s I am the only one. They like to check the other stores out when they come to my house thought? I tell how to get it done and not one of them has yet. Lazy bastards.
Oner  +   2007d ago
@ ElementX

But yet you say nothing about ~

how PC gamers have to sign up to Xbox LIVE! to play "Games For Windows Live" Online as well


how many LIVE! users have multiple logins for free trial accounts


how many new accounts there could be because of the previous bannings

Am I the only one who finds that a bit odd?....
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MiloGarret  +   2007d ago
Now I get it, you're Nasim!

Or at least you write like him/her/it.

That explains a lot actually.
Oner  +   2007d ago
Nope. Sorry. I am 1 person. Myself...always have been, always will be ~ and I can verify my credentials. Your just mad that I put you in your place in an article the other day so now all you have to resort to is baseless accusations with no shred of proof....as usual.
ElementX  +   2007d ago
I didn't bring up Live accounts because to play online you need Gold. How many people would pay $50 each for more than one account per year? Who wants a free trial account that's only good for a month? Are you going to tell all your buddies your new screen name every month when you sign up for another free trial? That's ridiculous.
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Oner  +   2007d ago
First you only addressed 1 of the 3 items and all you said was that it was a pain to do...but that does not mean people DON'T or HAVEN'T done it! And to say "to play online you need Gold" doesn't matter because your original complaint was about official PSN user numbers. When Silver accounts, Gold AND Games for Windows LIVE! ALL account for the sum of what MS uses for their total LIVE! accounts. Something you seem to not want to admit or address. Again, oddly enough...which is my point.
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MiloGarret  +   2007d ago
Be calm Nasim. Settle down. Everything will be ok.

Please Nasim, remind me of how you put me in my place, I refuse to go through my comment history on my own. You're argumentative skills are so vast that I feel I'd be a better man if I found out.
Oner  +   2007d ago
Easy ~ No problem since you seem to have a selective memory for some odd reason

In this post you make clear ASSumptions as to my age with ABSOLUTELY no evidence ~ http://www.n4g.com/Redirect...

only for me to later put you in your place here ~ http://www.n4g.com/NewsCom-...

With this quote ~ "I find it amazing that when people don't have a valid point they ALWAYS resort to attacking the poster and not the post itself! And at that point you lose all sight of the point and any bearing of validity. So ASSume all you want about my age without ANY bit of evidence or information to come to such a conclusion. But what that confirms to me is that you are clearly immature (no matter your true age) to actually believe the BS statements you so dearly profess."

So to end I will summarize by saying that when you add what you said there to what you said here (about me being "Nasim"), you will notice something....do you see it? Because I sure do! And that is a "trend". One of which I will make VERY clear for all to see and hopefully for you to be able to comprehend ~ You ASSume too much with no proof or validity in what you "believe".

Seriously STFU. You don't know me or who I am in the scene or what I have contributed. You make no valid points. AT ALL. Just baseless argumentative opinions based off of ASSumptions ~ thus you attack the me and not what I say. Because you have nothing left or anything else.
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MiloGarret  +   2006d ago
@Nasim wannabe.
I made an educated guess about your age saying you were 15 tops, right, now I remember.

Well, given the way you write and behave in general I honestly can't see how you could be older than that, and I'm guessing I was quite accurate given your reaction. (Hint: too strong)

Frankly, if you're older than that.. then your behaviour is actually a bit sad.

I'll admit you're probably not Nasim, probably. Nasim was actually a fair bit more civilized than you are.

EDIT: Btw, that's... really not putting anyone in his/her place... It just sounds like a child who hasn't yet fully developed the capacity to reason.
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Oner  +   2006d ago
Again more insults based on nothing. Thank You for further proving my point. And just in case you didn't notice quite a few people agreed with me in that thread via post and PM so I think I did put quite a few people (including yourself) in their place...but you won't admit or agree to that now would you.

Whatever. My point has once more been made abundantly clear about those who make ASSumptions and don't have the intellect to see past that. Oh and BTW here is a pic of the Townhouse I had built/bought a few months ago to settle your misunderstanding about my age ~ http://img683.imageshack.us...

Lesson #1 ~ You really shouldn't make baseless ASSumptions about things you have absolutely no clue or idea about. It just makes you look immature, uneducated and you tend to be wrong, thus making yourself look quite a but stupid.
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ogwilson  +   2007d ago
But yea there's nothing worse than an unbalanced game.
Chubear  +   2007d ago
Play the game then you can talk.

The gaem isn't "unbalanced" it's the most mirror image balance of any FPS I've played this gen. The aritcle is talking about one Domination map type for SVERS. The map give the perception of inbalance to some cause it's a tougher terrain and you HAVE to do team work pretty much all the time to get through the map.

Maybe Zipper adjusts certain hills or pipeline layouts here and there but all in all, SVER map isn't unbalanced, it's just tougher to overcome with less teamwork and communication. It's not like SVER dominates when they're on the attack or anything.
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ogwilson  +   2007d ago
Why do you assume I don't own the game? Do you know me, sir?
nycredude  +   2007d ago
ohhh online gansta!

Let me guess you have the game and you are valor or raven and you can't seem to win right? So the game is unbalanced? It's all about skills and teamwork.

Either you get better or you die. Only the strong survives in this game. Just like Demon's Souls. Sony is bringing the golden age of gaming.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2007d ago
yall should know ogwilson is always going to say something negative towards anything PS3 related.
ian72  +   2007d ago
I play with RAVEN and we do lose a lot to SVER. Very rare we win. Maybe its because SVER are better and we're rubbish. Maybe they do have more powerfull guns, or maps to their advantage. Makes it all the better when we do win. I still love the game though.
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raztad  +   2007d ago
SVER guys are really though, they look very experienced, probably from the BETA?. When attacking they do in mass, when defending they do in mass. Their leaders are very skilful.

I'm RAVEN and I love to fight SVER. I dont mind to lose because winning is so rewarding. I feel RAVEN is getting in better shape, the weekend was quite frustrating battling SVER in Domination. However last night we did much better.

This is not time for whining like babies. This is time for retaliation.
Chubear  +   2007d ago
Yeah that domination SVER map is much tougher than the counter parts of RAVEN or VALOR but it can be over come. However, they're sabotage maps aren't a problem like the domination maps.
ThanatosDMC  +   2007d ago
@ raztad
Hmmm... i never thought of it that way. You're probably right about most of the beta players going to SVER and knew what to expect.

SVER is starting to lose because of the lack of teamwork. Seriously, idiotic when 3 squadmates plus other teammates stick by the door with a C4. I'm telling them to get back since it'll explode and kill them. But they wont listen. They all died.
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BlackTar187  +   2007d ago
I think some
of ravens ACQ maps are a pain to attack.
iceman2885  +   2007d ago
It's possible that our (Raven) ACQ maps are harder to attack as there is some evidence by how much higher our score is in ACQ than the other game modes.

On the same idea, I feel liket attacking SVER in domination is near impossible (maybe all our good players are boosting our rankings in ACQ and avoiding domination or maybe all the good SVER players are playing domination).

Any way you cut it, it appears that the factions are starting to gain identities, which is cool.

However, I've only played Raven so it could be I'm just bitter or it could be that there is unbalance, there is really no good way to tell.
raztad  +   2007d ago
I think it's too early to be complaining about unbalancing. SVER has been great in Domination. Sabotage and Acquisition is pretty even among the three PMCs.

Domination requires huge teamwork, good leaders and OICs. This is where RAVEN is failing so far, but I feel there is some improvement. During the past weekend RAVEN suffered MAJOR DEFEAT after MAJOR DEFEAT. Now the defeats are minor, with close results. People is getting more organized.

I' m getting a mic soon enough. I hope others do the same. This gonna be quite a War.
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BlackTar187  +   2007d ago
I wasnt saying its unbalanced
personally enjoy a uphill battle on this game it gets boring when you own the other team so easily the game really shines when the Sh** hits the fan and your repair that to the right etc etc.

I have no problem with the balance i think people who were beginners are the ones who need to suck it up SVEr has Beta players they are more skilled and you can all see over the last couple of days people are starting to even the playing field so i think it was just exp. but with the internet now days everyone can make claims.

But i prefer a challenge it keeps me interested (I love winning but not at the expensive of fun) when i hit 60 im going Valor some people say they are the hardest to play as which i don't really believe but i would love to fight for the victories and keep myself doing something then always win
ryuzu  +   2007d ago
There are a few issues at work here

1) During the beta it was commonly accepted that SVER seemed to have an advantage. As a result I and presumably many other beta players decided that on full relelase SVER was the to go meaning that SVER probabaly had a relatively higher number of experienced people from the Beta and so were able to overwhelm new players. BTW I ended up going Raven and not SVER :)

2) Certainly I've noticed on the Sabo maps that Raven has a small disadvantage in layout compared to SVER. On the Raven defense Sabo maps, the objective can be attacked by 2 or 3 stairways and also there is an overlooking roof which - if the enemy gets there - can clear the defenders and cap very quickly while being difficult to remove.

The SVER defense Sabo maps do not have this arrangement - the only way to SVERs console is via 3 stairwells - there is no overlooking position meaning that you don't as SVER, get fired down on by an enemy you cannot easily see or remove.

3) SVERs weapons while inaccurate in their base form, are more powerful. As you rank up, you gain add ons to increase accuracy so at the top of the tree SVER have powerful and accurate weapons. In RAVEN, the weapons start off accurate but not that powerful and there are very few upgrades to make the weapons more powerful So at the top of the skill tree you have a very accurate weapon, but it's still not particularly powerful. Couple that with limited ammo and clip size and it can also leave you disadvantaged.

However, despite all that, most of the time we seem to win when defending on Sabo against SVER, attacking requires good teamwork which is rare without a clan around you so we tend to lose those.

Milky Joe  +   2007d ago
You're spot on there.

There also the fact that on the Sabo maps, for the Raven defending map the set of stairs up to that top bit point towards the enemy spawn so they don't have to go around, whereas on the SVER defending map, all the sets of stairs are either facing away of tucked in around the side in good view of popualr enemy positions.

I was also in the beta from the start of it's private release and when SVER was 'switched on' and a bunch of players migrated to join them the difference was instantly noticeable. And it definitely seems like the more skilled players picked SVER for the proper game because of the beta.
gamerdude11  +   2007d ago
There are 3 pathways to SVER defense location B (2 stairwells, and the pipeline). Also, the side of the pipeline is elevated and gives the attacker a great advantage if they can occupy this space. SVER location A is easier to defend, but if the attacker makes use of the tunnel and is able to flank they can easily take it. The biggest problem with the SVER map is the attackers prefer to stay on the high ground and snipe SVER. If more people attacked SVER and fewer people tried to snipe SVER the attackers would see greater success. I have seen coordinated teams from Valor take A, B, and C quickly. (Haven't really seen Raven have any success).
FragGen  +   2007d ago
The fact that Gamestop was the source for the SVER preorder DLC (and the DLC included improved armor) did not help at all, either. They did WAY more pre-orders than the other two and the RAVEN one was done by some half-a**ed company no one ever heard of that didn't even follow through on the offer. So, all things being equal, a lot of guys went SVER for the free perks and I don't blame them.

Anyway, I've been playing for a while now (since the early betas) and the maps are REALLY the only issue with any teeth, IMHO. The SVER maps are SUPER advantageous for the defense... but then again I dunno... that's WAR, right?

I guess as long as I feel like I have a 30% to 40% chance of winning and that it's not just *hopeless*, it can be really fun to be the underdog sometimes.
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iceman2885  +   2007d ago
I'm Raven and I have noticed when attacking SVER in sabotage it is considerably easier to take the B position than the A positions because of the pipeline at B. Whenever you can get a squad on the pipeline they can unleash heck on B and allow the other squad to attack from the staircase (once everyone's attention is diverted to prevent the pipeline invasion). Well that is unless the Raven squads have a bunch of people who like to try and snipe the B defenders, in which case it becomes hard to take.

However, A doesn't have the pipeline and I have found from my experience, if you don't get A quickly, it becomes incredibly hard and I've rarely seen it taken if it's not taken in the first 5 or so minutes.
madjedi  +   2006d ago
@6 Thank you, sorry sver guys but your maps are broken for the attackers, for those that say it's just because sver players are better/use teamwork/communicate, then why do you guys rarely win sabotage attacking valor when i play.

Why does your sabotage map have 2 resupply points, per terminal whereas both raven and valor have one each, and svers acquisition map all 4 bunkers in front of the gate, all neatly lined up with interlacing fields of fire -_- joy for an attacker.

Valor seems to be getting their sh^t togather, raven i don't know what happened to raven since the beta, played a rare few raven sabotage maps where we got shut down, but most of the time we win.

@6.4 Yeah i love taking B from sver and having 6-10(if i am lucky) people to help defend B, and have to fight almost both sver squads because some people have to snipe from the spawn area.
VileAndVicious  +   2007d ago
How the hell is SVER unbalanced?
The guns for ALL factions as well as thier skill tree are identical (if anything SVERS guns are ever so slightly under powered). Maybe SVER members communicate more than RAVEN? Vavlor seems to be doing well against us. I will say that SVER is probably more popular than the other two factions, but this is largely in part of the pre order incentive gamestop was doing.
Chubear  +   2007d ago
I think they're talking about the domination maps not weaponary.
FragGen  +   2007d ago
Just because the trees are laid out the same does not make the guns equal. SVERs weapons generally DO do more damage per hit. This is "balanced" by other factors (rate of fire, accuracy) but they are NOT equivalent between factions and this bothers some people who may not like their factions trade offs...

FWIW, I don't think the guns are a real problem. If people want to be wimpy about the weapon they are using they either need to modify the way they use it (ie.take advantage of the accuracy of rate of fire they got in exchange for stopping power) or wuss out and switch factions.
marshman  +   2007d ago
I am SVER and there are times we rule the game but I must also say that there are allot of times we get our you know what handed to us and in my opinion I think this all comes down to the team work of whatever PMC you are a part of.
#8 (Edited 2007d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Raoh  +   2007d ago

i'm on sver and i've lost quite a few matches to raven and valor, mainly raven, does that mean that raven is the new over powered class?

nope, it means that at any given time your squad/platoon could just be really good or really bad.

what is going to be the excuse when more and more players reach level 60 and can switch factions, if say 100k experienced players reach level 60 and all switch to valor together, will they be now the unbalanced need to be nerfed class?

people that are complaining about points are also usually the run and gun lone wolf players trying to get high kill/death ratios, damn the ratios, go complete the objectives..

when did gamers get so whiny?
Milky Joe  +   2007d ago
Don't you find it odd that the only people who aren't noticing this are part of SVER?
tezzer1985  +   2007d ago
hi mag
this game rocks
KeemJ  +   2007d ago
When i get my PS3 I'm not gona join a team that wins cause of faulty programing. I always go for the underdog
ThanatosDMC  +   2007d ago
Teamwork wins matches. Valor guns are better and im a SVER. The accuracy is insane. If they're in the hands of great accurate players in a squad, they'd annihilate everybody even from a distance.
elcompa425  +   2007d ago
I will buy this game soon...
You will see me, SEVERING the the heads of the SVER PMC...because I AM......RAVEN!!!! lol...

On Topic: I was SVER during the beta, and I must say I did wn more than I lost, but I'll play as the underdog and be RAVEN.

negroguy  +   2007d ago
i dont care if ive lost the last 10 matches to SVER!
RAVEN 4 LYFE!!! (sulks...)
4cough  +   2007d ago
Not only is the game a turd, Its a broken turd.
crazyturkey  +   2007d ago
Well, I find some parts of their domination map
unbalanced for the attacking teams, the C,D sides I find really hard to get past from the bunkers. E, F can get complicated too. The other two sides are OK I think.
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AngryFork  +   2007d ago
I can vouch for people saying SVER people are guys from the beta. I'm one of them. The reason SVER people keep winning is because we do what we're supposed to do, we capture the objectives and work as a team for each other.

Valor and Raven both attract the COD noobs who run and gun, therefore they lose. The only problem now though is the COD noobs see SVER winning and they're gonna hop over to our squad now and ruin things. Eventually SVER is going to go down in quality, maybe the beta people will even switch to another squad if SVER becomes too populated and it may balance itself out after a month or so.
f789790  +   2007d ago
All of the noobs are going to join thinking it's going to help them and SVER will quickly go down in quality.
ThanatosDMC  +   2007d ago
They're all ready infested SVER since yesterday. We're having a hard time defending in Domination. They actually keep getting past the bunkers! You can tell they're new when they spawn from the bunker and run elsewhere and not defend those smokestacks. The retard levels are rising badly.
younglj01  +   2007d ago
I'm on Raven and Im not a COD noob.Never touched MW2 so get your facts right b4 you say something.
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peeps  +   2007d ago
yeh i'm kinda the same. in the first beta i played as valor but then in a later beta i had a few mates in it as well but they all went s.v.e.r. so i switched and stuck with em ever since lol

i do agree that s.v.e.r's maps are easier to defend on tho but also i see a lot of attacking teams giving up and resorting to sniping from their spawns... seems it's not just the factions equipment/maps but also their players.

saying that i've played in rooms where i've got 30-40 kills and like 5-10 death + going hte the objective all the time and yet some squad mates seem unable to get a single kill.
BeaArthur  +   2007d ago
So do we not proofread anymore? He makes a valid point but that is one of the worst written articles I have seen in awhile.
themafia  +   2007d ago
amazing game
there giving me 70 for my arcade, but i dont know if i should sell my xbox on craigslist or accept the 70... ON TOPIC. i played this game at a friends house and sver are nothing to mess with. and team raven wth why the tight azz guns? im joining an underdog team baby thats how it goes 4 me.
younglj01  +   2007d ago
lol China have more soldiers then tha US so they is unbalance should we cry and moan and tell them to fire some.
Or get our fuking act together and work as a team.I'm on Raven and we have won against S.V.E.R. a number of times.

If you have a company that works together then numbers don't matter.Only thing this is doing is bringing alot more soldiers to Valor/Raven.

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scott182  +   2007d ago
I'm on valor and I think we have only won twice in all the games we played, ouch. I like the game alot but generally the people playing it act like idiots, and I hate the kick feature. People judge the way you play and vote to kick you for no real reason.
VileAndVicious  +   2007d ago
I think
Lol I seriously think one of the reasons they are so popular
are the hoodies... the hoodies are unbalancing the game!
40cal  +   2007d ago
@ The Bun 1.2 and DMC 1.3
Both of your comments reflect my experience with this game exactly.
_Q_  +   2007d ago
I knew it !
I had an itch that SVER was over powered. There are some games that were just not right. I am not a shooter noob by any means. There were times when I knew I out gunned people and got killed within two bullets. Additionally, their map is by far the hardest to invade. I have won in the map but it was still super difficult now with people progressing its nearly impossible.
Chexander  +   2007d ago
Beta was not SVER dominated
I played all the beta's except the first round. SVER did not dominate the beta as much as they are dominating the present form of the game. I believe they even had a nerf-bat hit one of their maps before this current form of the game. I do believe that some more of the seasoned players are playing SVER right now. I am almost level 60(SVER) and am ready to switch to another faction.

Are there imbalance's in the factions maps and weapons ? Probally, but I dont think they are the main cause for SVER's domination.

note: SVER was the least popular in the beta's as far as total people playing, I watched the numbers close. I wanted to play on the least populated team.
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xAlmostPro  +   2007d ago
well the stats released by zipper state otherwise, SVER won the most during the beta
peeps  +   2007d ago
imo s.v.e.r do have easier to defend maps, but at the same time if teams attack properly they should have no problem.

i mean even attacking as s.v.e.r, nearly every game, we attack as a squad/team and i've seen sabotage completed in under 5 mins on most occasions
DJ  +   2007d ago
Yup, you can usually tell how the match is going to end within
The first 5 to 6 minutes. If A and B are stilling dominated by the defending team half-way through the match, the attacking team most likely isn't going to win the game.
DJ  +   2007d ago
It's actually not hard to beat SVER (or any other faction) when attacking.
Just create choke points for their spawn areas, lay up some mines, camp at a few key spots, and within a few minutes you can win the match. That usually works, unless the attacking team is inexperienced or isn't communicating properly.
iceman2885  +   2007d ago
the major problem with any complaints about overpowered/underpowered
Is that when you start the game up, you pledge your allegiance to one PMC. Thus any complaining about a team being overpowered/underpowered will sound like sour grapes or whining when it comes from someone not in your faction.

Personally, I THINK that SVER's maps are harder to take, but I really have no idea, because I've never defended SVER being that I'm Raven. It could be that SVER's players are better, but it could also be that the map actually is harder to attack, we won't ever really know.

Basically, it's just better to stop whining about someone's supposed advantage, and just focus on taking the map.

And please people, if you join Raven and you ever happen to see me on there, please communicate and listen. I swear if I get one more squad with a majority of snipers not advancing on positions and only worrying about kills in domination or acquisition I'm gonna go crazy.
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AshleyRiot  +   2007d ago
Other PMCs attacking SVER quit parking your APCs in between 2 bunkers or out in the open. 40hrs of game time and you guys keep doing it. Maybe it'll work the 8th time right? Nope blame SVER. Attack means attack not sit back near your spawn and snipe. Blame SVER. Rambo? yeah you're dead. Blame SVER. Even when SVER is supposed to be defending we are usually the attackers. Blame SVER. Then I read so many comments on people bailing on games when they are supposed to be attacking SVER. It wasn't SVER that left your squad and the rest of your teammates undermanned and outgunned. Blame SVER again. Watch the opening trailer of the game the SVER part and hear the words that are said. That's exactly how SVER is being treated and why I'm proud to be part of them.
iceman2885  +   2007d ago
I don't necessarily agree with all the complaints
But SVER people who come on here and say that SVER is not overpowered don't have any credibility either.

Seriously, like they are gonna admit they have an advantage.
AshleyRiot  +   2007d ago
@iceman2885- That's for Zipper to figure out not me. This is just from my experience so far. Been steamrolled by Valor and Raven plenty of times on every map. Good leadership and coordination goes a long way. I'm in a clan so it'll be different then someone that isn't. I'm also just an average player at best by myself. But working alongside my clan mates pushes me to above average.
rob6021  +   2007d ago
I thought they were overpowered more so in the beta, but I don't mind at all.. Playing with my Valor clan we win quite a bit, but are less effective in domination I'll admit. It makes a major victory over sver that much better, and more of a challenge when it does happen. Doesn't bother me too much.
necksnappa  +   2007d ago
they are not over powered , will people stop whining, ive played all the factions since day 1 beta, i recently started as sver when the game was released due to gamestop giving me a special armor. so im wondering if all the people that preordered it at gamestop got a sver armor, if so then all the experienced players went sver. when i was on sver it seemed like everyone knew what they were doing and used teamwork, so valor was lookin real sucky so i switched to valor to help out, man they suck no one knows what they are doing over there and they have no teamwork, that is why they lose.
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