APB Music Tools Based On 'Real Editors'

The upcoming action MMO will have the most sophisticated in-game music creation tools ever seen

"The music studio in APB lets you create two things: songs and themes," Stuart Ross, Senior Sound Designer said on the latest APB podcast. "Themes are short five-second pieces of music that are applied to your character and played back in-game, and songs are longer pieces of music that you can export from the music tool into your track list - then you can play them back in your car."

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darkmurder3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Cant wait to pump some NWA in game!
Vid here:

hazelamy3085d ago

most sophisticated?
or maybe the only ones.

great idea though, every hero's gotta have theme music.

Thepro3183084d ago

i hope ROCKSTAR see this game and watch it and rip some of theses ideas and improve on them for GTA V

GodGinrai3084d ago

i wonder if the editor will be as good as this....

or this....

or this..


I own all three of these . If apb supports files from any of these programs then i know they are serious