10° Visceral's Nick Earl

In an exclusive interview with, senior VP of Visceral Nick Earl discusses the change in focus, why its important to serve the hardcore gamer, the importance of big marketing dollars and how Visceral Games can approach to new formats.

Q: I think it's reassuring to the core audience that a company is still dedicated to single-player hardcore games, despite the growth and hype of social and casual gaming.

Nick Earl: They way I view it is that the audience for gaming has just expanded tremendously, and I don't think that we've lost core gamers. That continues to grow, it's just that there are new audiences that have come in the mix and are more interested in the more social and casual orientated games. That's not to say the core gamers don't enjoy those games, but it feels to me as though if you map quality to core games like Dante's Inferno and Dead Space there's a huge audience that gets excited about that and wants to play it. It doesn't mean they're 100 per cent focused on that type of game but clearly that's where their interest lies.

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