India set for console boom

PS3 and 360 to help grow market by 75 per cent

The console market in India is set to grow to USD 125.4 million (EUR 93.6m) by 2010, according to research by iSupppli.

The figure represents a 75 per cent growth for the region which was worth USD 13.3 million (EUR 9.9m) in 2006.

"The console gaming segment is not very sizeable in India," noted Ashish Thakre, associate analyst at iSuppli.

"However, future growth expectations and consumerism are prompting companies to establish themselves in India."

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nix4192d ago

..if the import tax remains at 54% for games/accessories. PS3 is currently sold at 40,000 (indian rupees) that is around 850 US dollars. only the super-rich can afford such luxury.

if Wii comes in, things might go wii's way... because it's cheaper and more family oriented.

as for the PS2s and 360s... everyone buys the modded ones. and PS2 is still the favourite.

sandip7874192d ago

indias experiencing a real economic boom along with china, so i think a lot of people can afford luxuries. of course its not going to be that many but i think its a substantial amount (1 billion people)