Why the iPad is the perfect device for the masses

appVersity writes: "A friend of mine eloquently posed a question on Facebook which must have echoed what millions around the world also thought: "Is it just me or is the iPad just an iPod touch for the visually impaired?" Cute, but what that myopic view fails to comprehend is that the iPad is not just hardware, it's a whole world of potential to be explored."

"It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see the iPad as a huge success for my parent's, grandparent's or even my younger children. Having this simplified but fully functioning business, personal, and entertainment, gateway to the Internet saves me a ton of potential headaches and lowers the real cost of ownership when you factor in the time you need to keep a normal PC healthy.

The iPad demands you have an open mind, and while there are hundreds of other possible enhancements for the iPad I would like to discuss a few of then here."

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