Grand Theft Audio Podcast #1- Rockstar Wins the Console War

Listen to the brand-new podcast from! This week, Dayna, Mucu and Soseki cover the surprise DLC announcement, the legalization of prostitution, and more! - GTA Planet on the GameSpy Network, powered by IGN

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showtimefolks3031d ago

first of all this podcast needs to get better or maybe epic bettle cry spolied me,,,,but since this is the 1st it will get better....

gta 3 Oct 22, 2001
gta vice city Oct 27, 2002
gta SA Oct 26, 2004


engine is there
gta 4 Apr 29, 2008
GTA V cotober 2011

so maybe get your facts straight please and in between gta 3,vc or Sa how many smal GTA's were on psp,ds and few psp games on ps2....

so the production for a gta never stopped

showtimefolks3031d ago

killzone 2 engine took the time
GT5 engine took the time
gta engine took the time

besides GT5

every other game should get better in sequel GTA V and killzone 3 will be full of making sure game is awsome and getting the most out of the engine