Microsoft To Start Making TVs

"Microsoft Corp and a major Chinese TV set maker announced that they will jointly develop entertainment products linking television and the Internet, joining a race to profit from the Web's growing status as a channel to distribute movies and other programs."

This tidbit went largely unnoticed yesterday, which I found strange. I saw the headline in today's remainders of press-wire stuff and immediately it made me wonder what Microsoft could be up to. The article itself talks about the two companies working together to develop connected entertainment applications, and it seemed to hint that these may be focused on the Chinese market. Either way, I found the investment in a hardware company interesting and if I may, I'll take a few stabs and potential larger meaning...

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nanometric4198d ago

O, yeah, now this is one hell of a combination, China & M$, I wonder how long will thouse TV's last untill it's shows a message-"This TV has encountered an error and needs to be put out of fire"

Crazyglues4198d ago

This Article does a lot of speculation, there is no conformation that Microsot will actually start making TV's and Two...

"This TV has encountered an error and needs to be put out of fire"... that's just priceless....

THE_JUDGE4198d ago

but I'd like to see them try and fail. The more money the company loses the better the prospect that they'll stop messing up gaming!

Shadow Flare4198d ago


Stupidest thing ever. A microsoft designed TV will do a number of things:

1)Will have a red ring on it (for those unenforced errors)
2)Ask ‘are you sure?’ when switching the tv off
3)Have a ctrl/alt/del button on the remote control
4)Crash when changing a channel
5)Get so hot you heat up the whole street
6)Ask if you would like to update in the middle of watching a movie
7)Have an episode of The Simpsons running continuously all day because it is ‘unable to end program’

nanometric4198d ago

And remember that it will be made out of soybeans, paper clips, glue and lots of it :D

EaziG4198d ago

its funny 'cos its true.

AngryTypingGuy4198d ago

Does that mean that Sony TV's are nice and shiny, but only run a bunch of lackluster, mediocre Japanese TV shows? And when you saw advertisements for Sony TV's, did they promise a much better picture than it actually has?

PumPum4198d ago

exactly what i was going to post.
Dont forget : We dont have a huge failure rate,blue screen is not a big problem.
What on earth is MS thinking seriously?!? Hope they make customer support a bit better.

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nix4198d ago

they'll make more profit if they start manufacturing towels. lol q:

nanometric4198d ago

as well as industrial fans and friges :D

gta_cb4197d ago

well if your gonna have a digg at least spell it right, fridges not friges

Sashy4198d ago

The red circle of death, microsoft, just give it up man, I will never buy your tv.

Dogswithguns4198d ago

alright, maybe a great idea but M$ better NOT start charging for TV LIVE!!

hfaze4198d ago

Nah, they're probably thinking video marketplace with a TV alone...

Although it is funny how Sony starts releasing the Internet-enabled Bravia TV's, now Microsoft is talking about this... =P