Teletext GameCentral: MAG Review

Teletext: Persevere (and buy a headset) and you may come to appreciate the game's unique charms, but without real dedication this is a hollow experience.

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callahan093029d ago

Silly argument. They talk about how it's great if you're dedicated to it, but not so much if you're not dedicated. Well, I mean, who pays 60 dollars for a game that you can only play online if you're not going to be dedicated to it? Just doesn't make sense to me.

-Alpha3029d ago

Maybe he just found it overwhelming? Why are all the negative points shot down? It's his opinion.

I doubt he spent $60 to play a game he wasn't dedicated to. Maybe he just didn't like it or more likely he's making a more general claim (he doesn't say that he himself was not dedicated, did he?) for readers to decide.

From what I here it requires great patience and relies on teamwork. Not everybody likes being dedicated to a team. All the parts have to work first of all so if one guy, or God forbid your leader is screwing up it's going to be hard to dedicate yourself to the match.

4cough3029d ago

Teletext must be PS3 fanboys, effing MAG is a 3 at best, What a stinker.

Homicide3029d ago

It's a well known fact that Teletext is biased against PS3.

ukilnme3029d ago

LMAO, and it's a well known fact that N4G is biased against the 360.

LittleBigSackBoy3029d ago

@ Homicide

Not sure if you were joking, but it IS a well known fact here in the UK. It's not just the PS3, it's Sony. They're neutral about Nintendo, but huge MS fanboys.