8.5 - MAG Review

O.G. writes "Zipper Interactive makes the impossible possible with MAG. They found a way to get 256 players online and get them to work somewhat at a team. How did they do it? By catering to the greedy side of every online gamer."

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OGharryjoysticks3214d ago

No offense little guy site, it's just that the queasy feeling in my gut keeps whispering to my logic that Microsoft didn't want any Gold member 360 multiplayer shooter fans to see anything nice about MAG and since nobody sees the little guy site anyway those reviews slipped through the cracks.

Baba19063214d ago

SVER for the win. =D i love the game. its fuuuun.

1233603214d ago

i think you might be right the small but hardcore reveiwers love its ideas and gameplay,there were a few only hardcore 360 gamers playing it on our squad that bought a ps3 recently for this,as well as god of war,etc.they said them selves theres nothink on live that gives you this type of game play and there getting battlefeild as well on ps3 as it was lead platform on the beta.i think this game will do more buisness on recomendation than reveiws.