2K: Mafia II 'really pushes the envelope'

2K Games' Denby Grace has said that he believes his studio's upcoming openworld title Mafia II "really pushes the envelope" when it comes to "gameplay".

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PimplePopperMD3210d ago

Its impossible for a terrible franchise by a terrible developer to 'push the envelope'.

led10903210d ago

The first game garnered 9+ votes from all gaming sites and is usually considered one of the best open world games to ever grace the PC. It also sold 2.5 million copies. And as far as personal opinion goes, i loved it to no end. So just think twice before you fluke a comment hoping that the gaming public consists of retards such as yourself. Do your research before making yourself a royal A$$ over here.

BeaArthur3210d ago

2 bubbles = no credibility

LONEWOLF2313210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Yeah he has 2 bubbles therefore there is no
Anyways cant wait for this title. The first Mafia was Epic!

Jsynn73210d ago

I second that. I bought the first Mafia on the Xbox years ago. The story was awesome. I would go as far as to say the story was movie worthy but the gameplay was just bad. It reminded me of the first Driver. Mafia 2 is going to be a huge leap from the first that's why I know this game is going to be awesome. I know the story will be great. As long as the gameplay is on point, you got yourself a AAA title. Looking forward to it.

TheDudeAbides3210d ago

I want this game to succeed so much.
With all regards to Kratos, Mafia is my most anticipated 2010 game :D.

Jamescagney3210d ago

The first one was excellent, I have high hopes for the sequel.

There's no hope for you though Dr Pimple, you're clearly a lost cause.

Hellsvacancy3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Never played the 1st game but ive been all over Mafia 2 ever since the 1st video i saw of it afew years back, if a game game make me laugh just by watchin the trailer its got my vote

Day 1 4-me

KiRBY30003210d ago

this game will be awesome i'm sure. :)

bjornbear3210d ago

just ban this prick already.

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BeaArthur3210d ago

Excited to see what this game can do.

ForROME3210d ago

Who is the lame guy in the 1st post with only 2 bubbles?

Weak and he should be put out to pasture

Man In Black3210d ago

Play it! Seriously, just play it. Not on consoles, though. They were bastardized versions of the original PC game. The storyline's terrific, shootouts are realistic and tense, and the characters are generally likeable. Only thing I don't really like are the slow cars, but you get used to 'em.

OpenGL3210d ago

I'm really hoping the PC version of Mafia 2 is as great as they've been hyping. Hopefully it'll put the terrible GTA IV PC port to shame.

Hellsvacancy3210d ago

Ill check on Steam later and c wot there sayin, itll b cheap as chips i woulda thought

superrey193210d ago

Man i loved the first game. Took a little while to get used to the slow cars and following traffic rules, but ultimately an awesome game.

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