Ninja Gaiden Sigma to have Downloadable Content

Ninja Gaiden Sigma's director, Yosuke Hayashi, was kind enough to take questions from members at the Official PlayStation forum. His Q&A results are in.

His comment about DC was pretty intriguing:

Q: Do you guys plan to take advantage of PSN and add downloadable content similar to what you did with the Hurricane Packs?

A: We'll be making an announcement regarding our plans for downloadable content soon. The content will have some amazing depth for a download!

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SuperSaiyan44195d ago

Now why no collectors for Europe?

Loopy4195d ago

I am pretty sure they would consider the job application if the candidate was a scantily clad nice looking big rounded bosoms tight derriere girl.

THE_JUDGE4195d ago

this just makes it all the more sweeter!

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