Splinter Cell: Conviction gets rated

The Lost Gamer writes "Ubisoft have today revealed that Splinter Cell: Conviction, the next outing for Sam Fisher has been rated by the BBFC, confirmation of this can also now be seen over on the BBFC website.

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Seedhouse2912d ago

I hope this doesn't mean they've toned down the game, has been looking incredible in footage so far :(

Mr Logic2912d ago

Still looks like like it's going to be rated M over here.

A Cupcake for Gabe2912d ago

Uncharted 2 was only teen rated with a lot of cussing, killing, and adult themes.

Halo 3 was M-rated cause of what? the word "Damn" and some cartoony green alien blood.

I predict this game will get an M-Rating in the States.

Man In Black2912d ago

I saw some pre-order box art in GAME (UK game shop), and it had an 18 certificate.

2912d ago
Wolfgang Puck2912d ago

They had to keep the rating low, otherwise they'd sell very few copies. 80% of bots aren't old enough to buy Mature games.

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