Touch Arcade Review: 'Ghosts'n Zombies' – Vatican Ghostbusters

Touch Arcade:

It's hard for me to resist a game with a ridiculous premise, and it's difficult to get more silly than this. In Ghosts'n Zombies you play as a bushy-eyebrowed, cigar-smoking, shotgun-toting monk who apparently was dispatched from the Vatican to investigate a mysterious haunted chapel. Upon your arrival, you discover the church is absolutely loaded with rats, ghosts, zombies, and other demons. So, as an agent of the Vatican, what do you decide to do? Shoot everything that crosses your path of course.

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prad3235d ago

I've been playing this nonstop since I got it. It has great weapons and gameplay not many things to complain about I love this game it can only get better and if it does my girlfriend may leave me because I'll be playing it all day.
And I hope the developers would remove the ad banner soon as they promise.