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IncGamers' Jeff Hollis takes a look at some of the cruellest and, perhaps, funniest moments of griefing to take place in online games over the last few years.

"I spend a good amount of time reading Reddit; I find it to be an interesting online community, and sometimes the topics that come up are really unusual and intriguing. This week, someone posted a thread asking "What's the most devious or infuriating instance of griefing in an MMO you've ever experienced or inflicted?" Much to my surprise, the thread really took off, and not only were the stories funny, but they often linked to elsewhere on the net. The end result was a bucket-full of funny tales of virtual pain and anguish. Ah, good times."

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thetamer3214d ago

This is hilarious. I love this guy. And his stories.

Leord3214d ago

There's so much to MMO's people might miss :)

Maticus3214d ago

That AoC one gets me every time. So funny to watch but how annoying if it happened to you in-game.

AndyA3214d ago

Amazing, isn't it? I'd be so pissed off...

Fyzzu3214d ago

Aaaahahahahaha that AoC video is awesome :D

Malfurion3214d ago

I don't think the Kazzak one works anymore - well, he's not in Badlands now anyway, but I don't think bosses would be kited all that way and stay there like he does in this vid. You get that Evade bug now once the dude he was atacking dies.

moe843214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

The world bosses are leashed. Kazzak was the best one though. He was the reason Blizz implemented their griefing policy back in the old days.

Oh the days @60. Pre AQ, nothing to do but farm worldys. 6 plus guilds with a dozen or so level 1 griefing characters vs each other. Add in Supreme'o Kazzak with his adds. Hours of pointless mayhem.

My favorite was when we had kite Tunderaan to Orgrimmar. Can't do it anymore, stupid Blizz and their leashes >.< Pissed the guy off we stole the mob from though.

Redrudy3214d ago

The funniest griefing moments are when the worm turns on the griefer.

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