Edge: MAG Review

The game itself will bed down too as players get used to the poorly enunciated demands of each level, and Zipper Interactive patch out the game's fair number of glitches, oddities and inconveniences. Whether enough players will buy headsets to guarantee an efficient force made up of strangers is another matter. But with its robust clan support MAG still offers a cooperative experience on a rare scale for bands of dedicated players willing to weather the unnecessary confusions and ungenerous structure of the early game.

For the rest, MAG rarely deals out the empowerment and clarity of purpose that other team shooters, like the forthcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2, offer from the get go. It's not quite 'welcome to the suck', but gamers may wonder if MAG's a battle worth fighting.

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Antan3092d ago

One mans opinion, which i disagree with and no doubt countless others will also.

anh_duong3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

it's funny that the edge review doesn't mention anything about glitches in MW2 but spends paragraphs on glitches in MAG.. as far as i am aware MW2 glitches >>>>>>> MAG glitches.. and that is saying something given the size and scope of MAG..

but seriously, am i suprised by EDGE reviews... no not at all.. EDGE has statistically reviewed PS3 exclusives on average 1.2 points below metacritic averages.. this comes as no suprise..

analysis of edge and eurgamer scoring.

didn't take that long with the help of excel pivot tables (and gamerankings results) we can end this is Edge or Eurogamer biased once and for all:

| ps3 | meta | edge | eurogamer |

| lbp | 98 | 100 | 90 |
| mgs4 | 94 | 80 | 80 |
| kz2 | 91 | 70 | 90 |
| wipeout | 87 | 80 | 90 |
| ratchet | 89 | 80 | 90 |
| uncharted | 88 | 80 | 90 |
| resistance 2 | 87 | 60 | 90 |
| flower | 87 | 70 | 80 |
| resistance | 86 | 70 | 60 |
| valkyria | 86 | 70 | 80 |
| infamous | 84 | 70 | 70 |
| motorstorm | 82 | 80 | 80 |
| motorstorm 2 | 82 | 70 | 70 |
| warhawk | 84 | 80 | 80 |
| singstar | 82 | 80 | 80 |
| folklore | 75 | 50 | 50 |
| gt4: prologue | 82 | 70 | 80 |
| buzz | 80 | 70 | 80 |
| heavenly | 79 | 60 | 70 |
| siren | 78 | 80 | 80 |
| ratchet: booty | 76 | 80 | 70 |
| eye | 75 | 40 | 70 |
| formula 1 | 74 | 40 | 60 |
| pain | 71 | 60 | 80 |
| ferrari | 71 | 70 | 70 |
| haze | 55 | 50 | 40 |
| lair | 53 | 30 | 40 |
| echochrome | 87 | 70 | 70 |
| super stardush | 85 | 80 | 90 |

| average | 81.0 | 68.6 | 74.8 |
| difference | |-12.4 | -6.2 |
| median | 82 | 70 | 80 |
| difference | | -12 | -2 |

| xbox | meta | edge | eurogamer |

| bioshock | 96 | 80 | 100 |
| gow | 94 | 80 | 80 |
| halo 3 | 94 | 100 | 100 |
| braid | 93 | 90 | 100 |
| gow 2 | 93 | 90 | 90 |
| mass effect | 91 | 70 | 80 |
| forza 2 | 90 | 90 | 90 |
| geometry | 90 | 90 | 90 |
| l4d | 89 | 90 | 90 |
| fable 2 | 89 | 90 | 100 |
| pgr 4 | 85 | 90 | 90 |
| dead or alive | 85 | 70 | 60 |
| dead rising | 85 | 80 | 80 |
| viva pinata | 84 | 70 | 80 |
| splosion man | 84 | 80 | 70 |
| crackdown | 83 | 80 | 90 |
| pinata paradise | 82 | 80 | 80 |
| castle crashers | 82 | 70 | 80 |
| gaiden 2 | 81 | 80 | 70 |
| ace combat | 80 | 80 | 80 |
| vesparia | 80 | 80 | 80 |
| banjo bolts | 80 | 70 | 70 |
| kameo | 79 | 70 | 50 |
| lost planet | 79 | 70 | 70 |
| blue dragon | 79 | 60 | 50 |
| star ocean | 72 | 50 | 60 |
| lips | 71 | 60 | 50 |
| ninja blade | 68 | 50 | 70 |
| last remnant | 66 | 50 | 60 |
| infinite undiscovery | 68 | 60 | 50 |
| too human | 65 | 60 | 60 |

| average | 82.5 | 75.2 | 76.5 |
| difference | | -7 | -6 |
| median | 83 | 80 | 80 |
| difference | | -3 | -3 |

just to let you know i didn't just take an average of review scores.

what i did was compared the metacritic average with the review that Edge posted.

basically i compared how edge reviewed games compared to their peer reviewers (the metacritic average)

the result: edge marks ps3 exclusives vs meta medians a whopping full+ grade (12 points) lower than the metacritic average. xbox exclusives only get marked 3 points less than meta averages by edge. this is statistically significant given that the standard 2x deviation of these reviews are generally under 10 points.

the conclcusion was that edge reviewed ps3 exclusives considerably lower than the metacritic average posted for the same games.

however, edge reviewed xbox exclusives pretty close to their metacritic averages. the comparison with meta scores and edge scores for xbox exclusives was needed because it provided the control sample.

conclusion: edge reviews ps3 exclusives significantly (2 sd) below the industry average whilst reviewing xbox exclusives close to the industry average. the differences are statistically significant (i.e. equivalent to two standard deviations).

i am not having a go at xbox. i was basically trying to answer once and for the age old question of whether edge is biased. this is a proper analysis of how edge review ps3 exclusives compared to their metacritic scores.

ps: before people say i am biased in my analysis you will see i have proven that (in contradiction to sony fanboy comments) eurogamer difference is not significant i.e. not biased

pps: i am not saying edge should have given MAG more i am merely saying that the low score EDGE gives ps3 exclusives is no suprise given their track record.

Venatus-Deus3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

You have that already prepared for the Edge review... lol

The article as only been live 3 minutes regardless of the time it needed to be approved… lol

That my friend is real dedication to the cause.


No worries... But my comment history kind of says that I don't care if it's true or not as I dont buy Edge.

anh_duong3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

not really this article was written last year (notice the most recent game on the list is quite old now) but funnily enough it still rings true because edge still reviews ps3 exclusives much lower than metacritic averages.

edge are pretty consistent in dumping on ps3 games.. they are the ONLY MAJOR PERIODICALS that dumps on ps3 games.. don't ask me why.. i have no idea..

edit: add the ps3 exclusives and xbox 360 eclusives you see towards the end of lat year and you will see that edge scoring ps3 exclusives (ratchet, uc2 and demon sould) consistently lower versus meta averages compared to xbox exclusives (halo, forza and l4d) versus meta.. around 12 points outperformance of meta scores for xbox titles versus ps3 titles..

Cyrax_873092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I'm starting to see a trend with boomtown as well...

Uncharted 2 - 90
LittleBigPlanet - 90
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 80
Killzone 2 -80


Mass Effect 2 - 100
Halo 3 - 90
Gears of War 2 - 90
Forza 3 -100

mint royale3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

@anh duong

I may be reading your analysis wrong but aren't edge's reviews more than 3 points below the 360 meta average. I calculate 7.3 points which is significant also. Mayybe they are biased against HD? We must check the wii scores!

Although finding reviewers that favour the wii would be a challenge, especially discovering its edge.

EDIT: Ah you've taken the median scores instead of the average which makes it look worse. Sorry!

Andronix3092d ago

I'm not sure how you collated that chart, but IF it is accurate then it paints a pretty damning portrait of consistent bias. It's actually shocking. :(

JokesOnYou3092d ago

At least MAG's sequel will be much better based on past mistakes, I hope.....grabs popcorn.


Lifendz3092d ago

That's higher than I expected. I thought the game would get a 4. The usual formula being new IP + PS3 exclusive = Edge blasting the game. Exception being LBP.

anh_duong3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

mint royal

read my original statement:

"the result: edge marks ps3 exclusives vs meta MEDIANS a whopping full+ grade (12 points) lower than the metacritic average. xbox exclusives only get marked 3 points less than meta averages by edge. this is statistically significant given that the standard 2x deviation of these reviews are generally under 10 points."

as for averages. the 2x standard deviation of meta scores is below 12 and above 7 and hence hedge statistically significantly marks ps3 exclusives worst then that can be inferred from a random sample.

hence even when we are not using medians ps3 exclusives scores are statistically significantly worst (-12 versus -7) - in other words 40% worst scoring on average - or a full half grade worst.

don't discard poor medians, the poor medians for ps3 is significant because it also tells you that edge doesn't like to give ps3 reviews high scores. statistically it is very difficiult for a ps3 title to receive a +90 score from edge. THIS FACT CAN BE SEEN FROM THE TABLE WHERE ONLY ONE PS3 (LBP) TITLE SCORED 90 OR HIGHER WHILST - IF I AM CORRECT - EIGHT (YES EIGHT) XBOX TITLES SCORE 90 OR HIGHER.

callahan093092d ago

This review is as pathetically off-target as the Resistance 2 review (which they also gave a 6). How is it that so-called "professional" critics can be completely oblivious or at least completely ignore the technical marvels going on with this game? And yes, it is fun. And yes, it does have good graphics. The objectives are not confusing, either, they're just complex and varied. It takes a few matches to get used to but then you'll be in the know, and you'll be finding those anti-air batteries, those sensor arrays, those road blocks, etc. and you'll be destroying/repairing them as needed and then moving on to your main objective and taking care of business. The structure of the missions is very complex and it means you'll never play the same battle the same way twice, it's very dynamic and that's what gives this game such high levels of replay value. It's like these critics aren't even trying. They just go in, feel the controls out for an hour or two, give up, and slap a low score on it. Pathetic. They're doing a disservice to gamers on this one.

mint royale3092d ago

@anh duong

Yeah I realised my mistake, good analysis, EDGE really is a harsh reviewer.

Come on MAG is a good game with a few faults. Its funny that you 'wouldn't change anything in MAG' and agree with the article that states Mass Effect's many faults. To me Mass Effect is the much better game but each to their own.

Shadow Flare3092d ago

Edge's "reviews" mean absolutely nothing. They don't know how to review, simple as. If you bring bias and favouritism into a review, its worth very little. And they consistantly score down ps3 exclusives while dismissing issues that other games might have. There are plenty other reviews out there to read. No one needs edge's worthless opinion, they do not know how to review a game.

SilentNegotiator3092d ago

Another day, another bias review from Edge.

spandexxking3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Apart from SVER being slightly overpowered where are all the glitches? the only one i seen is where people were repairing a door and just as it shut some poor enemy got stuck in the door and couldnt move. needless to say the guy rinsed with bullets but thats the only one ive seen and i played all of the betas

silvacrest3092d ago

damn, thats...erm....dedication indeed

this review score was expected and your list kinda proves this

thereapersson3092d ago

Surely, a 9/10 experience to be had by all!


gameangel3092d ago

PS3 fans are such cry-babies.

Edge gave LBP a 10, which shows they have nothing against the PS3 at all.

The simple fact is, Edge is honest. Another simple fact: PS3 exclusives aren't as good as PS3 owners want them to be.

starchild3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

They seem pretty harsh on 360 exclusives too. An 80 for Gears of War and a 70 for Mass Effect? Ouch, that's harsh. But you know, it's just an opinion.

They also gave LittleBigPlanet a 100, which I don't even agree with.

But yeah, in general they just seem to have a little harsher reviews than some other outlets.

rockleex3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Giving 1 PS3 game a 100 doesn't mean anything.

You have to look at how they review PS3 games as a whole, compared to other consoles and compared to how other websites/publications.

Which is exactly what anh_duong did above.

Edge isn't part of the "conspiracy" anymore, Edge is now PROVEN to be biased.

We'll see if anyone sets out to prove that other websites are also biased.

3092d ago
starchild3092d ago

Curiously, the lowest score Mass Effect 2 has received was also from Edge. They are definitely harsher in their reviews than many other sites.

rockleex3092d ago

Twice as harsh on PS3 games compared to 360 games. They score PS3 exclusives 12 points lower than other websites on average too.

That's a LOT of bias. Once again, proven by anh_duong.

callahan093092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )


Well, since you have an opinion on it and believe Mass Effect 2 is the better game, I'm to take it under assumption that you've got MAG and put some time into it. What would YOU change about MAG? Because I love the leveling up system, the experience system, the skill trees, the weapon loadouts, the spawning system, the unique objectives for each game mode, the size and scale of it, the controls, the graphics, the sound, the presentation, the incentives for teamwork and following orders... I can tell you all about the things that I appreciate and enjoy in MAG, and I can't think of anything in particular that I don't like about it. So, since you've obviously played the game enough to have an opinion on it and compare it to Mass Effect 2 in terms of quality, why don't you tell ME what I should think needs to be changed in MAG?

Edit: Disagrees, eh? Come out and tell me what you think don't just hide behind the disagree button. What's there to disagree with? I like the facets of this game, that's all there is to it. He tells me that it's not legitimate for me to say I wouldn't change anything about this game? So my response is to tell him why I wouldn't change anything and to ask him what he thinks should be changed about it. Seems like a perfectly fair comment to me, so I don't know what you're disagreeing with.

Killjoy30003092d ago

Nobody cares what you're grabbing, I think everyone just wants you to stop trolling.

solidt123092d ago

Before they even started talking about the game they started shooting it down so you know to take there review with a grain of salt.

Aquanox3092d ago

The damn game has a 77% of meta. Give it up boys, it's not one person's/website's opinion, it's a general consensus on that the game is just not good enough.

raztad3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

EDGE reviews are just pieces of junk. Absolutely worthless blah blah, if PS3 game then 6/10. Keep playing your "teh gamplayz we all love" ODST 9/10, EDGE.

MAG got me totally hooked. Game is out of this world. 2 Domination maps just waking up.


Hey dude what means "give it up"? hehehhe. Funny stuff

nycredude3092d ago

I don't agree at all with this review. It is way too low. I would say the game is a solid 8 at least. More if you are really a counterstrike/socom fan. Apparently Edge can't figure out how to play and they think 9X9 players is the best.

It's amazing that this game works the way it does, and yet it doesn't get the credit for this, meanwhile COD MW2 doesn't work and no one says a thing. I call BS!

anh_duong3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

primordial, it took me ten minutes to come up with those results. all i did was copy a table into excel and did an average and median function on them. maybe the level of intellect required (which isn't much) to do what i did was beyond what you could possibly comprehend. like i said it was a ten minute job but you wouldn't know that - would you??

i feel sorry for you. notice i didn't even bother to disagree (in fact i never ever bother to use the disagree button) or ignore you because i am pretty sure you are pretty never going to achieve anything with your life...

abuse, disagrees and ignores are for insecure people who are pretty much not too far decended from the primordial soup..

callahan093092d ago

So Mint_Royale tells me that it's unreasonable for me to say that I wouldn't change anything about MAG, and my response is to explain my opinion and ask him what he would change about it, because obviously for him to contest my opinion he'd have to have played the game himself and formulated his own opinion. Surely he wouldn't tell me that my opinion is invalid without actually experiencing the game for himself. And I am met with nothing but disagrees? What's wrong with this place. If Mint thinks there's stuff about MAG that needs to be changed, I think it's perfectly reasonable for me to ask him to explain what those things are. Why is it that I can't defend MAG's quality on N4G without getting a bunch of disagrees? This place is full with haters.

PrimordialSoupBase3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

That you all care that much about what a videogame review site thinks of a game is really quite telling.

You try to insult my intellect and yet you're the one who has absolutely no comprehension of what criticism is. Sorry that Edge doesn't fellate your opinion and has their own. Cry about it more.

Edit: You think I would actually read that entire list of drivel up there? I come here to bash idiots because it says "Edge" and "Mag". And for the record, scoring lower than metacritic doesn't denote bias. It suggests that they have a different point of view from other publications.

anh_duong3092d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

did you read my comments?? i doubt you did..

i cared about people complaining about EDGE being biased.. i don't care about EDGE.. i really don't care about them.. they can give ps3 games crap scores if they want.. not my problem..

remember when ign gave mag a 7 - did i care?? no i didn't.. when nowgamer gave MAG a 6 - did i care?? no i didn't.. not once.. i didn't even complain about reviewings of MAG BETAs we saw.. so why should i cry if EDGE give a six when i never complained about sixes and sevens before?? understand - or is this beyond your intellect too?

i couldn' care less about how well MAG rated.. i am not buying the game.. i go on record as saying: it's not my sort of game.

however when people say over and over again EDGE and Eurogamer as biased - i want to verify whether there is truth in it..

you see from my results i proved that Eurogamer wasn't biased and Edge was biased.. so it wasn't one sided..

there is no malice in my research, i showed no hostility to anyone - it's a shame that sometimes that people are so closed to they truth the get offended so easily..

did i offend anyone who owns an xbox?? if you were offended then maybe ask yourself why you got offended because nothing i wrote was aimed at offending you..

edit: now you say you didn't bother to read what i wrote and yet bash what i wrote nontheless... a great advertisment for great intellect... jesus wept.. why do i bother to put you down when you do it to yourself quite handsomely..

for final point before i am out of here:

biased reviews only cost you (the consumer) money if they over score a game.. if anything we should clamp down on score inflation... if anything we AS GAMERS should be less tolerant of games that get undeservedly high scores... this counts for all consoles.. ultimately EDGE underscoring ps3 games is really no big deal but it was instresting to find the truth to fanboy accusations..

doG_beLIEfs3092d ago

This exonerates Eurogamer and shows once and for all Edge and its ridiculous bias against the PS3.

I suggest emailing this result to every single gaming site. Something must be done about this. I would be saying the EXACT SAME THING if it were the 360 getting the shaft. I only have a PS3 but I hate a bad call in a game for either team and Edge needs to be called out for what it is, a fanboy run site that act like a bunch of babies.

Anon19743091d ago

SMgamers did a piece a few months back looking at review scores of 9 different, major review sites to see how much they deviated from the average review score.

By far it found that Edge displayed the worst, anti-PS3 bias of any of them when it came to exclusives for each system. Take that for what it's worth. I'd advise, find a reviewer you trust and stick with them. For me, Edge's displayed bias and terrible inconsistencies from review from review make them one of my least trusted sources for game reviews.

Rampant3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Great above average review for this years biggest online experience. Now i just need to find 100 more friends to get the full experience.

Darkride: Your link says IGN is most biased towards ps3. I'm curious, what was their review for the game? :D

JokesOnYou3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

First off nice to see someone at least try to show a decent analysis instead of just screaming "bias!". Glad to see we can completely end the arguement about Eurogamer being biased. However your list is not accurate just skimming over meta there are some key inconsistencies/ mistakes which would change the ratio a bit:

You listed psn titles that help your case while not listing a key xbl title like, and since there are so few xbl game reviews from Edge its a significant omission:

Shadow Complex meta avg= 88 Edge= 70(Its lowest score on meta)

Then here are some 360 games that were conveniently not on your list:

Condemned meta avg= 81 Edge= 60 (Its 2nd lowest score on meta)
Call of Duty 2 meta avg= 39 Edge= 70 (Its lowest score on meta, tied with Eurogamer)
Rainbow6: Vegas meta avg 88 Edge= 60 (Timed Exclusive)
Halo Wars meta avg= 82 Edge= 70

Little things like the 360 version of Condemned2:Bloodshot meta avg of 80, Edge= 50 and theres no Edge score ps3 version on meta which has an avg of 82(fewer reviews). Also Demon Souls got a 90 from Edge which is a slightly higher score than its 89 meta avg.

I also happened to notice that echochrome's meta avg is 81 NOT 87

I'm not going to go through all these damm games or check all the scores but lets just say there are ways to skew the numbers and unless you do a complete and thorough analysis its easy to slander a site, what we can all tell even based on your chart is that Edge is generally a tougher review site than most, if you throw out the xbl and psn games then they generally rated all the 360 AAA games lower than avg except Halo3, and now I Forza3,= 2 360 games at 100, 1 ps3 game at 100, they might be a bit tougher on ps3 exclusives but its not as much a difference as you think, and definitely not anything that can be attributed to bias, in other words if a site reviews 30 exclusives for both platforms over 3 years and comes out a few points in favor of one platform or the other then that likely has more to do with the type of games released (Is it possible judging strictly by the meta avg that those 360 games were just better games?). If there was a huge gap between the 2 then yeah, but after so many reviews its probably closer to -6 for ps3, -3 for 360, either way the difference is hardly like OMG they just hate ps3, Part of the (perceived) problem is Edge is #1 tougher on reviews than most sites, #2 they only have a 1/10 - 10/10 scoring system, which means if they don't think a game is worth a 9/10 they give it an 8, which means no 8.5's etc, which then on meta avg equals 80%, no middle ground and in general also it helps that there are more 360 games available to review.


anh_duong3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )


i think it works both ways.. i didn't include ratchet: crack in time meta 87 edge 70.. didn't include uc2 which had 96 meta v edge 90.. fat princess meta 79 edge 70.. didn't included odst which had meta 83 edge 90..

i think i said my list hasn't been updated for while and not totally exhaustive because i did a quick cut and paste job and deleted all the none exclusives - hence deleted timed exclusives (which at time of release e.g. vegas was know to be a multi anyways).

but i think my results are still pretty fair and accurate and there was no cherry picking.. as you can see my results were backed up by the posted above:

don't think i am the only one to draw the conclusion.

badz1493091d ago

really? that's how low they wanna go for the sake of downplaying PS3 exclusives?? they didn't even mentioned anything about glitches in MW2 review which are clearly rampant in the MP side of the game but went the extra miles mentioning it for MAG!

"Despite that sizeable blemish, Infinity Ward has delivered – and then some. Modern Warfare 2 not only stands comparison with a predecessor that some believe to be the best game of this generation, but in several areas it surpasses it. Its sheer assuredness in mechanics, spectacle and often situation are unlikely to be surpassed for some time. [9]"

"In the larger context of ODST's achievement, however, you can easily tolerate these problems. This is Halo. The near-perfect weapon balance, fantastic enemy AI, attention to level geography and gigantic tear-ups with hordes of nasty aliens are all here, a timely reminder of just how brilliant that basic formula still is. ODST doesn’t quite take Halo into unfamiliar territory, but it does show how robust and adaptable the core of the game is – and, more importantly, stands on its own two feet as a spin-off that’s better than the vast majority of original games. For that, it earns the right to whatever name it wants. [9]"

from these 2 reviews, EDGE think:

1. having numerous terrible glitches is OK for an overhyped multiplat

2. as long as it's halo, recycled maps + short campaign and charge $60 doesn't matter!

giving 100% to LBP doesn't really count when countless others were also doing the same thing! EDGE is as biased a source you can get on the net these days!

bjornbear3091d ago

wow man...that is A LOT of work there =P

however, good job. I doubt any one can disagree with you there.

its so evident especially statistically -

EDGE (unlike MANY sites people say ARE biased) IS biased.

Most other sites are either crap or just differ, but EDGE is clearly the ultimate BIAS site against PS3 exclusives.

And people can disagree, but those numbers don't lie =)

Sheikh Yerbouti3091d ago

Not the entirety of Edge - someone gave LBP a 10. Still there is an obvious bias, but it doesn't mean Edge is going to consistently score the PS3 bad.

That's why I read it an not look at the score. If it is a bad game, they should be able to argue that case in writing.

BkaY3091d ago

they gave bayonetta a perfect 10 FFS...

BWS19823091d ago

has been trolling PS3 articles like the MAG reviews trying to be relevant and prominent, only to tell OTHER people to "give it up" as he spews his trite all over the web. The irony here says you should probably give it up Aqua, as should you JOY, you obviously have no desire to touch something as unholy as a PS3, so why do you waste time in here spouting your drivel? I also notice your peculiar absence has now been proceeded by a glorious increase in bubbles. Wow.

Good analysis Anh, we've known that for a while. Sadly there are those who are now saying "get a life" when the proof is tossed in their laps. Shame, they'd rather turn a blind eye to blatant facts after jumping into a news story in which they have no interest in in the first place.

Seeing as how the game has nearly an average of 8 out of 10, and it's picking up steam (it's more of a persistent online shooter than most) and takes a while to nurture, not to mention there should be new maps on the way, I'd say we can once again classify EDGE as the joke they are.

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TOO PAWNED3092d ago

I am surprised they gave it 6. This is EDGE, i expected 4.

thor3092d ago

Lol Edge. They're not that far off the average this time, but they're still below it. To be expected for a PS3 game from Edge.

Hakimy3092d ago

someone already posted this 30 minutes ago.

Karooo3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Reviews will be low because, it doesnt have singleplayer and 256 thing made the graphics decent etc.

this is not the type of game that can be reviewed.

4point7BillionLoss3092d ago

Sorry droids ... a crap game can have 1000000 muliplayer .. it'll still be a crap game ....

Karooo3092d ago

your opinion means Sht go play some multiplatform game like mass effect 2 which i beat as well.

starchild3092d ago

Oh come on, kartik21. You guys act like every PS3 game is amazing. Nobody believes you anymore. I was duped into buying too many PS3 games that I ended up not enjoying that much.

I'm amazed that the same people that criticized Halo 3 ODST for supposedly not having enough content for its price tag are now acting like it is perfectly normal that an online-only shooter should have a price tag of $60. The hypocrisy is astounding.

mxrider23092d ago

i didnt like uncharted 1 i hated it

Michael-Jackson3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I'm a PS3 fanboy and I will admit that this game is a Flop in both areas - another one to add to the list of flops BUT this game is a hate it or love it game, it's not like the 360 doesn't have a flop list. Have fun bots :) while it lasts, 063 sah on sevisulcxe.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

nice ownage, I can't argue that. ;)

"you guys act like every PS3 game is amazing. Nobody believes you anymore. I was duped into buying too many PS3 games that I ended up not enjoying that much."

But which games are those? Heavenly Sword was awesome, MGS4 is one of the highest rated games of this gen, Uncharted 2 was game of the year, Valkyria Chronicles is one of the most innovative and best jrpg of this gen so far. Demon's Souls, Warhawk, Resistcance, Gran Turismo 5:P, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, inFamous, GoW collection are all very good games too with good Metacritic scores(not only from one review but many of them from popular sites like IGN, Gamespot, 1up combined).

Now if you care to post a few of those games that you didn't enjoyed? If you didn't enjoy a single one of all the games that I just mentioned is because you played them as fanboy. yeah, it often happens to me too. For example: Mass Effects 2 is mega boring, it is just another shooter disguised as an rpg.

Consoldtobots3091d ago

"your opinion means Sht"

yup that pretty much sums up every xbot in existence.

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