Just how close is the PS3 to overtaking the Xbox 360?

Lazygamer writes ~

"The Xbox 360 has been ahead of the PS3 since launch as it had that extra years head start on it, however the PS3 has been selling exceptionally well in the last couple of months and I thought it was about time we took a look at the unofficial stats to see just how much closer the PS3 has gotten to regaining 2nd place.

Let's first get the Wii out of the way, it's dominating in every region and has a lead of 2.1 Million over the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined."

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snaz273210d ago

these are the only people that care about which console sold which ammount, aslong as your console of choice aint going the way of the dreamcast, its all good isnt it?

3210d ago
Mr_Bun3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

When you see the wii outselling everything, you know it isn't about quality.

I can't keep up with the PS3 library right now and there is still WKC next week, Heavy Rain not long from that, and then of course GoWIII....Not to mention some multiplats that are being released in between.

Whether or not the PS3 overtakes the 360 doesn't matter. What matters is the catalog of games on the console.

Darkeyes3210d ago

"360 leading the PS3 by 5.9 million according to VGZ"... So it's safe to say that the lead has shrunk to 4.5 million isn't it?

Projekt7tuning3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

@ Guido
I have no Idea how you have not been relegated to the open zone. Its beyond me. You bring absolutely nothing to the table with anything remotely intelligent about video games. (Reported as offensive,)and that's coming from a fan of both Sony and Microsoft.

I would urge others to do the same.

mint royale3210d ago


You seem really angry at these fanturds in every one of your posts. Is everything okay at home?

Triella3210d ago

Possibly, we just need to wait for Sony shippment figures(Feb 4), if they report 34 million units shipped as expected then VG charz will have to adjust PS3 sales by 1.3 to 1.4 million and the actual 360 lead will then shrink to 4.6 million.

DaTruth3210d ago

VGChartz must be doing their comparisons like MS. PS3 actual installed base vs. 360 consoles "around the world"!

mint royale3210d ago


Well not really seeing as MS reported 38.7 million shipped as of Dec 31st. Vgchartz claimed they sold 36.6 million by then leaving 2.1 million on store shelves. Are they right? Who knows.

SO VGC has the ps3 at 30.8 sold to consumers by Dec 31st. So going off the 360 they may be expecting 32.9 million shipped by sony when they announce figures on feb 4th. I think they are slightly low on the ps3 tbh although the site has said they are in the middle of adjusting figures and all 3 may be a tad low atm.

el zorro3210d ago

Guido, you are such a radical fanboy. It seems all you do is hate on the 360 and pump up the PS3. I'm a fanboy too, but I'm not so blatantly over the top like you.

I agree that the sales don't determine how much enjoyment you should get from your console, but after all the trash talking Playstation fans did last generation you don't think that Xbox fans are going to mention the 360's success this generation in staying ahead of the PS3? That is a huge accomplishment considering the way Sony dominated with the PS1 and PS2. Besides, I know for a fact that if things were the other way around PS3 fanboys would be acting far more arrogant about it and rubbing it in everybody's face.

All I know is that people should enjoy whatever console they enjoy and not try to arrogantly force that preference on everybody else. The 360 had a 6 million lead at the time the ps3 came out and according to this author's calculations it still has very near a 6 million lead, so the ps3 hasn't really caught up at all so far. I don't believe the PS3 will catch up before the next generation is upon us. I could be wrong, but that is my personal prediction. Anyway, all consoles are doing really well, so fans of any console have nothing to worry about.

commodore643210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Are VGchartz correct with their estimate of 5.9million gap?

hmmm. Maybe they are a little optimistic.
It stands to reason that none of us really know exactly how much MS and SOny have sold/shipped, but I would suggest the gap is about 5.5 million right now.

Which means in 2009, the year of the SLIM, the year of the $100 PS3 pricedrop, the year of UC2, the year of KZ2, the Gap has only really closed by 2.5 - 3 million.

Now, get this:
To catch up to the 360, the ps3 has to repeat this feat for two years straight! Is that realistic?

Bear in mind, MS has stated 2010 will be its biggest year yet, Pachter has predicted a 2010 360 price drop, MS is releasing NATAL and HAlo reach is nearly here.
.... It could well be that the 360 outsells the ps3 again in 2010.

Damn, this is exciting.

Cyrax_873210d ago

Sales excite you? =P

I'll admit, you made me laugh.

DaTruth3210d ago

You can't wait to start that bull again? Eh?

rockleex3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Really? REALLY?!

Please show me all the trash talking Playstation fans did last generation.

Most of the trash talking from both sides didn't really start until this generation.

Nowadays, you can't go ANYWHERE on the internet that is related to video games without some fanboy talking crap about a console.

Back then, it was a rare event to see gamers even trash talking about consoles.

From my personal experience, in the rare events that someone was talking trash about any console, it was always an Xbox fanboy.

But I'm not gonna go out and claim that a certain group started it, as if it was fact.

starchild3210d ago


You are definitely a PS fanboy, that's for sure.

I agree that fanboyism has reached a new level this generation, but it was fully alive and well last generation. You probably just weren't actively involved in it like you are now. It got pretty fierce back then.

But I have to laugh at your suggestion that Xbox fanboys were always the ones talking trash, because that wasn't my experience at all. Playstation fans outnumbered the Xbox fans at least two to one (not unlike today) and they were ruthless in their attacks against the Xbox. I defended the Xbox because it was an awesome console in my view, but PS2 fanboys always fell back on the fact that the PS2 had sold more and had a larger library of games. It's funny, I guess those things no longer matter to the Playstation fans.

Anyway, unless you were on the receiving end of all the trash talking it doesn't surprise me that it passed you by without you even noticing.

bacon133210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

As a gamer, I could care less about which system is in the lead or dominating the market. If the system has quality produced and above all FUN games then count me in regardless if its the PS3, 360 or Wii. The only thing that comes out of being a fanatic fanboy is missing out on quality gaming experiences.

GrandTheftZamboni3209d ago

"HD war"? What a convenient way to exclude the Wii.

How about the Next Gen war? That would only include consoles with next gen tech (not seen in consoles before): motion controls, Blue Tooth connectivity, next gen disc drive.

randomwiz3209d ago

"the Gap has only really closed by 2.5 - 3 million. "
You have to remember, the 360 outsold the ps3 from Jan - August.
The ps3 outsold the 360 from Sept 09 - now.

The gap closed a lot more than you think.

SniperJDC3209d ago

Why does it even matter? As long as both systems deliver great games that's all I care about

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Karlnag33210d ago

Last line of article: Source - VGChartz

All credibility just went down the sh!tter.

bunfighterii3210d ago

Just a question: how do we know VG Chartz numbers stink? I'm not trying to say they don't just a legit question?

DaTruth3210d ago

Because they state their numbers and then when NPD releases, VGChartz is way off and then fix their numbers a bit down the road. Then the usual VG defense force point to how close the numbers were 6 months ago, even though they know they fixed them after!

Ravage273210d ago

+ the fact that their adjustments are usually huge, implying that they were no where close in the first place.

They recently adjusted down the PS3 figure by 1.1 million after the Nintendo report. While there's no doubt it will adjusted again after Sony's official figures are released, it really makes you wonder if their numbers have any relevance other than entertainment.

mint royale3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Theres a thread on vgchartz forums comparing their numbers to NPD. VGC is usually quite close (especially with the 360 and ps3) in America with only the wii occassionally off by about 10-15%. If you actually paid attention to what they do and how they have tried to improve their data then you wouldn't making sweeping biased comments so often.

@above - ps3 was adjusted 820K, 360 by about 500K. I agree that is a big adjustment (the biggest I've seen on the site) and it doesn't help credibility. They said the new info came from scandanavia over a period of 4 years with info gained from nintendo. The site doesn't have direct info from that region so it estimates based on market size and past trends to get the figures. NPD does the same with stores such as Wamart that it doesn't get info from. But thats reliable right?

starvinbull3210d ago

The conclusion of the article is quite frankly lazy. It assumes that the sales for 2009 as a whole are how things will continue, when actually the four months september to decembert give a better indication. Why does this matter? Because the article almost ignores the relaunched PS3 and price reduced 360 as they are now and will remain for the forseeable future.

DaTruth3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Strange how a dude who believes Sony can't keep track of their own consoles sales to consumers and is so adamant about it, in the face of 20 posted links to the info, believes VGC can track every console and game in every country in the world sold to consumers... even small markets.

The mind of a fanboy!

mint royale3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Lol wut?

You still don't get my argument do you? I said sony do not track to consumers in their FINANCIAL REPORTS. They can and do when giving out sales info - eg. 10 million sold in Europe. Nintendo and MS do the same as well.

Also I never said VGC tracks consumer sales - I said they estimate them based on trends, market share etc with a small amount of sources in major euro countries. Read the site its not hard.

Logic was never your strong point but i'm not about to have another pointless argument with you.

The logic of a fanboy!

EDIT: Maybe this forum link will help you DaTruth. It explains from the site creator how they track. It also has a sold vs shipped argument for you that you love from about page 5. Don't worry its all explained :)

Anon19743210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

They both have their sources and then just guess the rest.

True numbers only come from the companies themselves, and that's where we see VGChartz numbers start to fall apart. They have a history of over representing 360 numbers and under-representing PS3 numbers. There was a time when they'd make adjustments when the official figures were released. I don't know if they still do that or not - because I've seen their PS3 number off by as much as almost one million compared to Sony's official numbers reported to their shareholders over the busy, holiday season.

And NPD has no idea how many sales go through online retailers, they don't do some of the major big box stores and they only cover North America. These numbers are also a bit sketchy.

randomwiz3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

"Just a question: how do we know VG Chartz numbers stink? I'm not trying to say they don't just a legit question? "

look at it this way: Sony announced 27m ps3's as of Q2 last year which is end of Sept. If you add 3.8m ps3's in december, that becomes 30.8, without including oct+nov sales data. Vgchartz has ps3 listed for 31.5m as of now. I'm pretty sure the ps3 sold more than 700k in november and october.

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gunnerforlife3210d ago

watch this go at the top of N4G loool

gunnerforlife3210d ago

i swear sony has been leading in Europe for nearly a year or more???

mint royale3210d ago

VGC has it in the lead in Europe doesn't it? The 360 is boosted in others by quite strong sales in markets such as Korea and Mexico according to VGC. Mexico I can certainly believe with the piracy.

DaTruth3210d ago

Mexico is North America!

4point7BillionLoss3210d ago

even further than when it started ....

PostApocalyptic3209d ago

This is the same argument I've heard before. They take current rates and then say "it will take Sony years to catch up...the Xbox 720 will be out...blah, blah, blah..."

Listen up. The pace of sales changes. It's like a domino effect. The sales of PS3 picks up while the sales of the 360 drops off. That's what's happening. M$ still has to put out their "sold to retailers" propaganda in order to stuff the channels and deceive the press.