Top 10 best-selling Namco games from the last quarter of 2009

Namco has revealed the top 10 best-selling game from them from October 1st to December 31st of last year.

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Corrwin2970d ago

Is anybody doing to actually read this? And if so, do they care how much Tekken sold compared to Ben 10?

Hakimy2970d ago

*sighs* this list is kinda is it fair to post worldwide sales for one game and regional sales for another in the same list? and about Tekken 6,the game sold 2 million copies worldwide (if not above) so this list is kinda pointless :P

Baka-akaB2970d ago

At least it doesnt actually come from them but a namco report .
But then knowing that fact Eaxaminer should just sftu and post without comments

2970d ago
Quadrix2969d ago

I wish Klonoa had sold well...