EA DICE Want Co-op In Bad Company 2

EA DICE are set to release the Modern Warfare 2 competitor next month in the form of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So far, we haven't heard a word about some sort of Co-op mode for it, but the games executive producer says that the team working on the game want to add it.

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SpaceSquirrel3235d ago

They could always release it as DLC.

mjolliffe3235d ago

Aren't DICE just the best people ever?

OK maybe not.

But they sure do serve the gaming industry with some quality stuff!

Co-op would just add to it XD

Ravage273235d ago

"Aren't DICE just the best people ever?"

I don't know about that,but what i DO know is that unlike IW, DICE bothers to add actual improvements for their sequel. As well as running betas to test their servers and fix glitches :)

BeaArthur3235d ago

SpaceSquirrel...releasing it as DLC would be pretty weak. I mean I am fine with multiplayer DLC like extra maps but adding in a co-op mode when most games come with co-op on the disc is pretty crappy. Although I wouldn't blame DICE for that, I would blame the greedy execs. over at EA. Always penny pinching.

Fanb0y3235d ago

One of the few DLCs I would buy day 1. DO IT EA!

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Maddens Raiders3235d ago

this game just gets better and better.

movements3235d ago

Man to me co-op is the best aspect of a shooter... I just love it!

MiloGarret3235d ago

Seems like a no-brainer to me in this kind of game. Hopefully they come through.

mcnablejr3235d ago

cannot wait for this game, this would just be a bonus

Does anyone know whether there is actually any bonus from pre-ordering the game which cant be achieved through playing it.

Zeal0t3235d ago

As far as i know, every bonus can also be achieved by simply playing the game and leveling up.

-MD-3235d ago

Am I the only one that cannot stand Bad Company? I tried out the demo last night and felt helpless the whole time, no matter where I spawned missiles would rain down on top of me and I would respawn with no kill cam showing me what happened.

It was pointless, and the iron sights on the guns? Oh my god could they possibly make them more annoying? God how frustrating.

mjolliffe3235d ago

Maybe your just not good at it?

Just saying, as everyone else seems to get along with it fine...

-MD-3235d ago

Well it's made by Dice who also made Battlefield 2 Modern Combat (I think) which was really good. Bad Company came along and I hated it and the sequel seems to play even worse.

I've been good at previous games in the series this one just blows my mind though.

maxqubit3235d ago

Don't pay attn to the 'n00b sayers' ... BFBC(2) is a game you have to get used to. That could take hours! Even for me, and i played BFBC1, i had to get used to BFBC2 again because of all the MW2 i did last few months.

But rest assured, BFBC2 is better than MW2. Take your time, and you will become better and with that the enormous serious fun of this game will shine!

I couldn't hit sh*t with the assault at first and felt 'lost' in the chaos but after hours i got used to the weapon and the RUSH gamemode and now i'm playing confident. And having super fun with the game. And this is only the demo. Just wow:)

If i can do it, you should be able to do it too:)

-MD-3235d ago

A nice constructive post, thanks for that. I'll devote a few hours to it and see if my opinion changes.

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