Console Monster: Death By Cube Review

Console Monster writes: "Simplicity is the key when it comes to modern shooters on the Xbox Live Arcade. Concepts evident in the likes of titles such as Geometry Wars have proved to be a winning formula and generally more successful than the more complex perceptions (Rocketmen: Axis of Evil springs to mind). Another attempt at an Xbox Live Arcade shooter comes in the form of Death by Cube, brought to us by Premium Agency and Square Enix.

Players take control of the game's protagonist, Leo, a robot who awakes to find that he has lost his memory. Leo makes it his task to reboot the heroine robot SELSIE, as he sets out on a mission hoping to regain his memory, having to overcome battalions of enemy robots. Enemies, if you couldn't tell from the title, consist of cubes and bots, ranging in difficulty, with the general rule being: the bigger the enemy, the more hits they take to kill. Bots are defeated through the player using the left thumbstick as a form of movement and the right thumbstick to fire bullets in the intended direction..."

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