These Five People Keep The Gaming Industry Exciting

In every segment of society, there are folks who make themselves known to everyone. They do things that regular people would only do if they were under the influence of alcohol and say things not even politicians dare utter. Yes some folks abhor those type of people but the majority mostly love to hate them.
In the gaming industry, we have our share of said characters and although we get riled up anytime something unorthodox blurts out of their mouths, we all know the industry would be a dull place without them.
And here they are:

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mjolliffe2971d ago

David Jaffe - Legend :)

movements2971d ago

Things would be dull without people like David wouldn't it

movements2971d ago

You can't forget Pachter

Nihilism2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Jaffe ey?, I prefer to call him Douchey Mc BigNote and his scientic name is Overwhelmingsenseofentitlement alotikis he is a member of the Axolotl family, if you watch one of his rants again you will see the similarities

Perjoss2971d ago

I've always liked Tomonobu Itagaki, but he has been rather quiet lately.

40cal2971d ago

Kojima should be on this list.

You have see what can happen just from this guy putting up a new website.

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Lirky2971d ago

Kaz hirai is classier than the microsoft ppl who are always outspoken bragging about How Forza re-invented racing simulators. Whereas Sony ppl are like not braggy and just let their product do the sales/talking/growth of fanbase.

Corrwin2971d ago

3 Trolls.
1 Analyst that just pulls predictions out of his arse.

Hidden Star2971d ago

Ken Kuturagi is GOD of this industry.

2971d ago
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