Feature: The Graphics of Hydrophobia

Learn about the game's real-time texture-morphing technology and see exclusive screens.

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Lord Anubis3898d ago

I haven't paid much attention to this game but it sounds interesting.

Odion3898d ago

ya its a watch and see

LeonSKennedy4Life3898d ago

I just assumed it was like Bioshock...

I think we should all watch out for this though.

twostep183898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

there talkin bout this game like its these crazy new graphics that will blow your mind and youll think it real life or sum $hit...

i dont see it any better than haze,bad company,and COD4

they dont look bad just not AMAZING ZOMG!!

ngg123453898d ago

It looks too dirty the graphics. Not realistic.

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