CwG: Nintendo Sources Revealed: Metroid Prime Trilogy's Cancellation Confirmed...again?

Coffee with Games says during an article, "The first line of the article reads, "Nintendo continues to drag its feet on an official response about Metroid Prime Trilogy's retail status, though online retailer Amazon tells Joystiq that the game has been discontinued."
It baffled me, because I already had given a quote from the official response I received from Nintendo in the original article. Why is Nintendo dragging its feet?

Then a little further down in the article, I read a line that stated, "Nintendo refuses to acknowledge it ever made the statement that the game was 'no longer being shipped.'".
This line didn't baffle me, as much as it shocked me. If Nintendo wasn't acknowledging they made the statement, did that make my article false and show me as a liar?"

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readiandnot3123d ago

This is messed up. Just confirm it already Nintendo!

CoffeewithChess3123d ago

As I sort of stated, I don't understand Nintendo's seemingly slow response to the media, but this situation is just ridiculous.

3122d ago
execution173122d ago

just doing it for some sales

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