Crazy Mike's Apps: Aura Review

Crazy Mike's Apps:

Infusing two of the most well known and played strategy games, checkers and chess, Aura creates a distinctive twist from both to relay a new gaming experience to avid strategy gamers or the average player alike. Using the iPhone/iPod's swift touch screen as a medium for motion, move the pieces with the drag and drop method or merely a tap, tap. Certain pieces are categorized by different colors and each piece has a particular movement sequence such as the red, yellow, and blue pieces that can only move horizontally or vertically. When moving your pieces, a stream or path with the same color is created as well. Your strength of the piece depends on how long the strand is. Strands are breakable however, so it really redefines strategy and it's mind boggling to figure out at times what would be most beneficial for the piece let alone the actual move.

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