EA: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer 'Simply' Better Than Modern Warfare 2's

CC: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 executive producer Charles Magnusson has claimed that the games online multiplayer mode is "simply" better than that of Modern Warfare 2.

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SullyDrake3121d ago

Too many exploits that need to be patched. MW2 online, at its core, is great fun, but it is badly broken and needs to be fixed.

mjolliffe3121d ago

A mess, you could say :)

bruddahmanmatt3121d ago

Well Mr. Magnusson can make that claim because quite is better.

ape0073121d ago

but In the End, whatever I think of mw2\bc2 and whatever anyone think about them,....

competition is great, oh so great

I liked bc2 and like I said it has a different approach than mw2, it's meaty, wide open, beautiful and destructive while mw2 has brilliant fast paced small-mid size battles with addictive perks\kill streaks\unlocks

Maddens Raiders3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

you had me convinced at M1A1 Abrams.


Kornholic3121d ago

I was in the PS3 beta and back then, in its beta phase, it was already more polished than Modern Welfare 2.

AuburnTiger3121d ago

"As it is now, almost anything is better than MW2
Too many exploits that need to be patched. MW2 online, at its core, is great fun, but it is badly broken and needs to be fixed."

I don't know what everyone's b!tching about as far as glitches and what not. Mitchell, like everyone who cries about glitches, campers and snipers really just sound like you just plain suck at the game and that your frustration makes you hate it. Also people say the games online is broken, someone explain this to me? Online is perfect, i have no issues getting into matches and I rarely experience lag.

The a game is #1 in the world, people will always find a way to hate

SullyDrake3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I enjoy MW2 often with my friends, and I'm not half-bad at it either. However, there is a difference between hating and complaining.

How about respawning only to be gunned down 3 seconds later by a chopper gunner who, due to bullet penetration, can hit you through a building? How about this happening over 5 times in a row? How about someone exploiting the care package glitch to get more than one chopper gunner and other benefits per match? No amount of skill can save you from that. Does it happen every match? No. Does it happen enough that I can effortlessly recap it to you like above? Yep. Should it happen that much? Absolutely not.

The #1 game in the world is always hated? No, the #1 game in the world is played often enough that exploits and glitches become apparent and quite relevant, and need to be balanced out in order for it to remain equal to everyone. Someone is always trying to buck the system, to find a crack and open it up; it just so happens that with MW2 there are many cracks because it's broken. There's even videos on Youtube of people doing extremely well with over 100 kills and under 20 deaths per match, and they too complain that this must be fixed. Unfortunately, it seems like Infinity Ward is the one company you can complain to that won't heed the complaints and try to fix them. They need to find and fix all these cracks before everyone learns how to open them up.

Even still, it's a good game with a great online component. Overrated and overhyped but still fun to play with friends.

ColdFire3120d ago

But I agree, :) Different...but better


@ AuburnTiger

and your the gamer at the other extreme end who always thinks that just because their game is fine and they dont have connection problems, the rest of gamers online must be crap or the problem is just theirs.

The game is broken in so many ways it's not even funny, must of the people who don't have isseus with it are the ones exploiting it.

There are a million videos on you-tube showing this, if you want to pretend they are all wrong thats cool. I loved cod4 and was ranked 4000th on live with a kd ratio of 2.64 before i stopped playing it. when MW2 came out I was ranked 10,000th over the first few weeks with kd of 2.31. I am not saying i am the best player in the world, but I get enough hate messages from people to know that I am ok at the game and hardly suck at it or anything like that.

As the other guy said above, at it's core it's fun, but when it comes to the game, it has way more issues then the original ever had and yes some things on it are broken.

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mjolliffe3121d ago

I suppose I'm lucky. Was one of the first people to try it out :)

Back in early October 2009 XD

ZombieRollz3121d ago

Them ain't fighting words, it's da troof!

Pandamobile3121d ago

Truer words have never been spoken.

I just had the most epic moment I've had in any game. Ever.

I sniped the pilot out of an Apache, and the thing turned sideways and smashed into the 3 story house in the first section of the Port Valdez map.

There was a giant explosion with helicopter bits everywhere, and then the house collapsed killing the gunner of the chopper who had somehow survived the crash. My life is now complete. It's sh1t like this that makes me wish Battlefield Bad Company 2 had a recording thing where you could go back and re-live your awesome Battlefield Moments...

But yeah. You're never going to have those awesome, epic moments in a little game like Modern Warfare 2.

ZombieRollz3121d ago

Dude, you need to play Uncharted 2 if you liked your little helicopter moment.

Nihilism3121d ago

Please keep your linear shooter-lite out of this discussion.

This is not the time or the place to talk about Tomb Raider...I mean Uncharted.

champ213121d ago

lol look at the ps3 fangals disagree

agreed man this is no place for tombraider 1.5

Bazookajoe_833121d ago

Seem as you offended some pc fantards ;-)

GamerPS3603121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I killed pilot twice as well but no epic moment like that. Both time they just crashed on mountain.

48 dog tags and still counting :D

evrfighter3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

hah I've had an epic moment similar to that with me ground pounding as usual and the blackhawk comes to our spawn and starts ripping infantry to shreds.

I switch to grenade launcher and pop one up praying the battlefield gods smile upon me. He begins to to move to my right and my nade is going to miss. :(

From somewhere behind me someone fired a rocket and its traveling along the same path as my nade. I'm disappointed because it seems like we both missed. But wait! The Battlefield Moments god has indeed smiled upon me!

My nade hits the rocket or the rocket hits my nade directly beside the tail rotor of the blackhwak! A huge explosion in mid-air occurs. It was enough to send the blackhawk out of control and a squad of 4 to their doom before they had enough time to eject.

ingame chat from the helo crew looks like this
EnemySquadmate1: "ummmmmmmmmm?"
EnemySquadmate2: "lol wtf?"
Me: "Hilarious!"

as far as EA's comment...IW doesn't have to try and make a game better than mw2. They already did. They are called cod2 and cod4

Fanb0y3121d ago

The only moment I remember is getting my black hawk's tail stuck under an oil pipe. I was like a fish caught in a net. The entire team just stood there watching and laughing. :D

Sarcasm3120d ago

Is that the best people could really do to put down Uncharted 2? Calling it Tomb Raider 1.5? No imagination from kids at all these days.

Letros3120d ago

So far my most epic moment is blindly shooting the laser guided missile from the base to the drop zone and killing someone, sadly I didn't get to see them die, just a 50+ lol.

This sh!t cracks me up!

Pandamobile3120d ago

Uncharted 2's helicopter scene is scripted, this was a completely random moment in a multiplayer game. Very different.

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CoffeewithChess3121d ago

LOL, I find the banter back and forth like this great. We won't know though until the game releases!

Fanb0y3121d ago

The banter between the players was really cool in the Battlefield Moments trailers. They're almost non-existant in the actual game though.

Although I'd blame that on people not using the back button enough.

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