PS3 Gets 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive

Andriasang: PC hardware maker Buffalo is about to take new steps in official PlayStation licensing. The company announced today two external hard drives that have been granted official PlayStation brand recognition from Sony. This is the first time Sony has granted licensing to hard drive peripherals, a move that comes in anticipation of March's release of PS3's "Torne" digital video recorder kit.

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fear882853d ago

To make matters worse, they have a completely proprietary hard drive that I cannot buy from another manufacturer for cheaper.

Dipso2853d ago

"Speechless" Why? The PS3 is compatible with any fat32 formatted external hard drive. I fail to see any merit in this model being officially licensed.

Aquarius2853d ago

I've had my internal 500GB for just over a year now.

FamilyGuy2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I've got my 1Tb external acomdata here and it hasn't let me down yet. It was $100 at the time and I doubt a drive with Sony seal of approval on it will be any cheaper.

It's cool they're doing this though, i don't know how many times I wished I could save HDTV from my dvr onto the external and torne supports this. Too bad it's $111 or so though.

¥ 14 800 = 163.0812 U.S. dollars
¥ 11 800 = 130.0242 U.S. dollars

vhero2853d ago

PS3 it only does everything.

Maddens Raiders2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

500GB in 2008. It was stolen (played on my launch 20GB for a while) so now I have a 500GB Slim. My next move will be a 2TB Barracuda.

Marceles2853d ago

that's cool, my Scorpio Blue is doing a job too

Maddens Raiders2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

good ol WD - solid drives. I've never had a problem with them here.

sikbeta2853d ago

Internal 500GB HDD FTW, is good and all but I prefer everything get stored in the PS3 HHD rather than having one external next to the Beast3

Jamegohanssj52852d ago

I'm just going to get a seagate internal hard drive. I don't want the extra luggage of an external one.


FragGen2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

My PS3 already has a 500Gb hard drive *inside* it. Upgrade-ability FTW!

FamilyGuy2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

It isn't "next to" my PS3 and it's pretty handy that it's external because then I can use it for whatever I want.

I download HD shows and movies and they start out in MKV format which the PS3 does not support and HD movies chug for me with the java based media sever so I convert them with mkvtovob on my pc and have the output destination as a place on the external hdd.
If it were internal the only way I'd be able to transfer them would be through the media sever (4-8gig transfer could take a loooong time) or worse yet, uploading the converted files to the internet and downloading them on the PS3s web browser (megashares).

I'd suggest anyone to get an external.

My external is that small blue line under the left side of the tv and it's this 1tb

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Delta2853d ago

i already have a 500GB :)

Perkel2853d ago

better to buy bulk SATA 500GB HDD then switch it with your internal drive in ps3.

Young Capwn2853d ago

i have and internal 360gb and then 1TB external that i keep my porn and movie library lol.... Hmm TMI? come on who doesnt watch porn on there PS3 >.>

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