No Dpad - Guerilla Bob Review: MiniGore in the Middle-East

No Dpad:

With strong production values but little substance, Angry Mob's Guerilla Bob is a game without much staying power. The game's story mode takes only an hour or two to complete, then unlocks a Survival mode. Sadly, even with the Survival mode there's not much reason to come back to this one after finishing it.

Guerilla Bob is an arcade game with progressive levels masquerading as a dual-stick shooter. I say "masquerading" because the game borrows the dual-stick control scheme - a stick providing 360 degrees of movement, a stick providing 360 degrees of firing and buttons for switching weapons - without ever aspiring to the franticness inherent in the dual-stick shooter genre. At most, you will deal with only four or five enemies on screen at a time, and it's rare to have even that many.

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