TEKKEN 6 Review - The gamers take on the game.

TEKKEN 6 Review - By EatSleepReview

"Some background on the company Namco Bandai holdings inc. Also known as the Bandai Namco group, is a Japanese holding company formed from the merge of Namco and Bandai. It has interests in toys, video games and arcades, anime and amusement parks. The new group was founded on September 29, 2005. Officially Bandai purchased Namco; however, both companies have equal power in group decisions. They have made many great games in the past including the Tekken series.

The graphics are amazing except when playing the story it's dubbed down just a bit. There is a massive selection of characters all with a back story and unique fighting style. It has all the characters from Tekken 5 including Lili and Dragunov who were only playable on Dark Resurrection for the PSP, also Eddy is only an extra skin for Christie even though he plays a role in the story."

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Karlnag33036d ago

The story mode sucks, the netcode is dodgy and the arcade was ruined by those stupid giant bosses that basically kill you in about three hits. Just isn't Tekken. Tekken 5 was better.