Immersion responds to Microsoft suit: Sony's Money Hangs In The Balance

Immersion sued both Microsoft and Sony over the use of their force-feedback technology; Microsoft settled and handed Immersion a nice chunk of change, with a provision that Microsoft would get a cut of any settlement Sony offered.

Now that Sony has reached an agreement with Immersion, Microsoft is claiming they're owed money from the agreement that Sony and Immersion have reached. Immersion disagrees, saying Microsoft has received its fair share of the settlement.

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Amplifier4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Hope everyone is ready to start seeing the TRUE side of MS soon, because this is evidence that it's coming!

I really hope MS eats a turd and DIES!


Another reason I won't and don't own anything MS except this CRAPTASIC keyboard, not even XP or Vista, MS will give them to me!

ErcsYou4193d ago

my so called "smart phone" use's windows mobile and i hate it. this OS sucks donkey balls. i hate it so much. music sounds like sh!t, the video's look like sh!t, and often cashes for no reason( just like windows xp ) i bought a 360 and that crashed too. i plan on buying a iphone and removing M$ from my world completley.

everybody in the world hates M$ except xboxers

Violater4193d ago

MS has been shafting people since they started business, its the way people get and stay rich.

sonarus4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

its business and microsoft is in business to make money. But pickin on immersion is a little harsh though.

Edit @ everyone supporting MSoft
Msoft may be entitled to more than 15 mill and if they are its their right to take it but 15 mill is small for msoft and they could have easily over looked it. They are even asking immersion to pay for their lawyer fees. This in my opinion is a little harsh. Giant msoft jst picking on immersion even if Msoft is right its still harsh

DEIx15x84193d ago

Immersion picks on everybody else for no reason so anyone willing to take them out is great!

chitown4193d ago

MS just pisses me off. i mean there one of the richest companies on the planet but they dont give a sh!t about anyone but themselves. bunch of fat old selfish bastards

The Snake4193d ago

They do have stockholders to answer to, you know.

Charlie26884193d ago

that is like...a LOT of cash...

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The story is too old to be commented.