PixelJunk Shooter Demo Out Now

If you haven't tried PixelJunk Shooter yet, there is a demo now available on the Hong Kong PSN Store. No word on whether it will be included in this week's US Store update.

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Umbrella Corp3208d ago

Personally i felt like this was a waste of cash i felt so dissapinted but i can tell how others would like it.

Forbidden_Darkness3208d ago

I love this game, its fun alone or with a friend. The bass battles are fun and overall this game to me is worth the 10 bucks. I personally think you shouldn't waste your time on the demo and just by the game, but try out the demo if you must.

How the elements react with eachother is cool as hell and i hope they have an expansion in the future.

deadgoathy3208d ago

You dont need a demo......just buy the game, its worth the money